Top 10 Richest Gamblers in the World

Top 10 Richest Gamblers in the world

If you’re on the right side of luck, you can turn out to earn big bucks with gambling. The industry’s potential becomes even more clear when we take a look at the list of the richest gambling bosses in the world with owners worth billions of New Zealand dollars. Whether it’s a casino in Las Vegas or Macau, the best online casino, or a gaming company that provides software, the real money is earned by operators who are most successful as they’re what we would call the house. And the house never loses — at least not in the long run. 

Still, there are tons of players who are very good at what they do that they are also considered masters in their league. Every now and then, there are also millionaires to be found on the other side of the industry: those that make their wagers and earn money doing so. In this article, we’ll cover 10 of the richest gamblers in the world. These players once started for fun, but are now considered full time professionals. This top 10 of the richest gamblers should serve as an inspiration as gamblers should always play to win.

10. Haralabos Voulgaris (Canada, Sports Betting: US $17 million)

He is widely considered as one of the world’s most successful punters of this category in our list that is mainly occupied by professional poker players (which should give you an idea of where to look for luck). According to Voulgaris he was able to become one of the world’s wealthiest gamblers thanks to his unique ability to read coaches moves in sports like basketball which he was particularly focussed on. In 2017, Voulgaris tried his luck at poker, and finished 4th in the World Series of Poker’s Big One, with his winnings totaling US $3 million. His current net value is estimated to be around US $17 million.

9. Patrik Antonius (Finland, Poker US $25 million)

At the poker table, the Fin is often nicknamed the “cold-blooded killer” which obviously gives you an idea about the difficulty to beat him. In 2005, Antonius competed at  Five Diamond WPN NL Hold ’em and won a major sum of US $1,046,470. In recent years, Antonius won smaller prizes of US $21,512. This happened at the 2019 EPT Barcelona €10,000 NL Hold ’em. In addition, he won US $11,133 at the 2019 EPT Barcelona €5,000 NL Hold ’em. Antonius is a former model and currently lives in Monaco, featured in our top list of the best gaming destinations of the world.

8. Jonathan Duhamel (Canada, Poker, US $32 million)

Jonathan Duhamel is a Canadian professional poker player with a total net value of US $32 million. Quebec born Jonathan Duhamel won the Main Event in 2010 by impressively defeating John Racener. This gave him a prize of US $8,944,310, making him the very first Canadian player to win the bracelet. Since 2013, his gambler’s live tournament winnings totaled +US $12 million which gives him a current net worth of more than US $32 million. In 2011, Duhamel was badly beaten in a home invasion robbery. The suspects were arrested and police have since recovered about half of the cash stolen.

7. Daniel Negreanu (Canada, Poker, US $50 million)

Daniel Negreanu is a Canadian poker player who combines both online poker events and live poker tournaments. If you play KidPoker in an online poker room, you’ll be playing against this poker legend who is considered one of the greats. Negreanu’s biggest win stands at no less than US $8,2 million which he was earned at 2014 WSOP. Interestingly, he didn’t win the event but ended second. Throughout his career the Canadian has earned millions of dollars and he is still active in the scene. Negreanu is one of the ambassadors of GGPoker and currently resides in Las Vegas, United States.

6. Howard Lederer (US, Poker, US $60 million)

Howard Lederer is a poker player from the US who enjoys world wide recognition. The American has earned himself his reputation of successful poker player by winning two World Poker Tours and earning two WSOP bracelets. Lederer also a co-founder of Tiltware, Inc. which was launched together with poker players Ray Bitar and Chris Ferguson (who we will touch upon later on in the list). Together, they launched an online gambling platform called “Full Tilt Poker which is a name most seasoned gambling enthusiasts will be familiar with.” Throughout his extensive career, Howard  Lederer made many appearances on the popular Poker After Dark game show and is commentator for other live poker tournaments that are broadcasted either on tv or online.

5. Doyle Brunson (US, Poker, US $75 million)

Doyle Brunson is a retired poker player from Texas who was born in 1933 and enjoyed over 50 years of experience at the time he decided to step down. Brunson managed to win 2 WSOP championships and ten WSOP bracelets which is a very impressive achievement, especially in a niche as competitive as poker. In addition, he is also known for having launched a poker oriented book. Brunson’s Super/System was first published back in 1978 and is still widely considered a well documented guide introducing players to the wonderful world of poker. In the mid-2000s the original book was succeeded by Super/System 2 including contributions from Chip Reese and Bobby Baldwin. His son, Todd, also plays poker.

4. Chris Ferguson (US, Poker, US $80 million)

Chris Ferguson is widely known for his long hair, impressive moustache and must-have hat that are considered his trademark. In addition, he is known for his bumpy career as he has seen the good sides of poker, but also the bad sides. Ferguson was successful for a longer period of time, but soon after that he lost everything again. He eventually managed to come back and is now considered a poker champion again, with a net worth of US $80 million. Curiously enough, the Los Angeles born Ferguson first played when he was only 10 years old.

3. Dan Bilzerian (US, Poker, US $200 million)

This 41-year-old poker and Instagram legend can’t be left out and while some hate him, many love Bilzerian. Thanks to his entrepreneurial instinct and his successes in poker, Bilzerian has managed to build up an impressive fortune of no less than US $200 million. In the most talked about game Bilzerian has participated in, he won more than 10 million dollars in one night. In addition, Bilzerian has starred in movies and has a chain of companies he manages or invested in. Nevertheless, it is certain that a large part of his wealth comes from his successful poker games.

2. Edward Thorp (US, Baccarat, Blackjack, US $800 million)

Edward Thorp is not only into the poker game as he is also an author and a maths professor. His close relationship with stats and maths explains why the Chicago born Thorp turned out to be highly successful in the poker game as well. In addition to have won many poker games, he is well known for the launch of the very first wearable computer in 1961. In addition to his exceptional Baccarat and Blackjack skills, Thorp made his way to Wall Street and became successful at the stock exchange as well.

1. Bill Benter (US, Horse Racing and Blackjack, US $1 billion)

William (Bill) Benter was born in Pennsylvania in 1957 and started his career as a gambler in 1977 when he decided to move to Las Vegas after getting his university physics degree. He concentrated on the blackjack game and was so good at beating the house that many casinos in the city banned him from entering. As this only happened seven years after he started winning, Benter managed to win a lot of money. Benter also tried his uck in horse racing which led him to coming up with a formula for predicting the outcomes or horse races. Bill Benter is worth US $1 billion and is considered the richest gambler in the world. 

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