​​Top 10 Resort Casinos in the World

Top 10 Resort Casinos

They were all built to entertain and make people get the most out of their gambling experience, but casinos can look very different from one to another. A lot of casinos in Europe tend to have a classic style with the Casino de Monte Carlo or the Spa Casino as best examples. North American and a lot of Asian casinos on the other hand, give their visitors ultra modern venues and even include 5 star hotels so that everybody feels comfortable.

Some would even argue that online casinos wouldn’t even be the correct definition as we’re basically talking about full casino resorts. Anyway, time to choose your favourite, start packing and get ready to roll the dice, spin the wheel, and place your bets.

10. The Venetian, Macau

The Venetian, Macau

What makes this casino so special is that The Venetian Macau is the largest building in the world where people live and work (with about 25,000 employees). The Venetian Macao has 3400 pokies, 800 gaming tables and a 15,000 seat entertainment hall. With more than 350 shops, 30 restaurants and even canals including the ‘authentic’ Italian gondolas, there is always something to do at The Venetian Macau.

9. Caesars Palace, US

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Whether you want to play poker, or try your luck at the pokies and table games: it’s all there. You can even bet on races and sports if you feel like it. Guests can enjoy specialty cocktails in Cleopatra’s Barge’s floating lounge or visit the Omnia nightclub for some more entertainment. The Qua Baths & Spa offers various massage, facial and body treatments. The property also has unique spa facilities, such as a Roman hydrotherapy circuit and the Arctic Ice Room, where you can relax on heated benches while artificial snow falls on you.

8. Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa

Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa

About a two-hour drive from South Africa’s biggest city Johannesburg is where you’ll find the Sun City Casino Resort. The casino resort is fully surrounded by nature and it really doesn’t get any more special than this casino’s location. During apartheid, this region was considered an independent state, which made it possible for local authorities to offer games of chance. It was the first resort with a casino in South Africa, and outside this casino resort gambling wasn’t allowed. As a result, Sun City quickly became a popular holiday destination and it still is to this day. Sun City Casino Resort will require some travelling, but it’s worth it.

7. The Grand Lisboa, Macau

The Grand Lisboa, Macau

The Grand Lisboa is a multifunctional skyscraper in Macau. It houses a hotel and casino and is located in the centre of Macau on the magical Avenida De Lisboa. The casino’s design is inspired by the lotus flower, the emblem of the city of Macau, and by the splendor of the headdresses of Brazilian dancers. Construction began in 2005 and the hotel opened in December 2008. It now has over 400 hotel rooms and suites, multiple restaurants, swimming pool, fitness centre, and of course: a casino. Anyone who has been to Macau will probably recognise this casino as it’s hard to miss the impressive structure of this literally grand building.

6. Atlantis Resort & Casino, Bahamas

Atlantis Resort & Casino, Bahamas

Atlantis Paradise Island is a hotel on Paradise Island, near Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas which means you’ll be flying to the Caribbean if you’re interested in a stay at this casino. We definitely believe it’s worth the extra effort as it’s considered one of the most beautifully located casinos in the world and you can’t really go wrong in the Bahamas. In addition to the casino, it also has the world’s most expensive hotel suites. Just to give you an idea: the most expensive suite is available at $25,000 a night, so don’t expect any free spins on signup here. While 25K may be a bit too overwhelming for most, the casino also has 78 gaming tables and nearly 1000 pokies. You’ll also have a spectacular view of the beautiful, clear, turquoise sea.

5. Bellagio, Las Vegas

Bellagio, Las Vegas

When you’re in Sin City, it’s hard to miss The Bellagio as its fountain pray goes up to 140 meters high. There are also daily shows at the casino, with many light and music effects entertaining people with both music and visual effects. Get prepared to move your feet on classics like Luck Be a Lady and Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra. The Bellagio is just as luxurious as it sounds and is one of Vega’s very best spots.

4. Sands Macau, Macau

Sands Macau, Macau

The name might sound familiar to those who’ve visited Sands Las Vegas, but this Asian casino has over 1,760 pokies and 640 gaming tables while the hotel offers a total of 289 rooms. Even if you don’t like gambling, this casino in Macau is definitely worth a visit. Las Vegas Sands late chairman Sheldon Adelson once said that his company would soon become a predominant Chinese enterprise, and that Las Vegas should be called “America’s Macau”.

3. Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is a luxurious hotel located in the Marina Bay, Singapore. The entire complex has 2561 rooms and 120,000 m2 space for accommodation for events such as trade fairs, music shows, and conferences, apart from the two large theater halls, 7 star restaurants, floating Crystal Pavilions, ice skating rink and the largest casino in the world with around 500 gaming tables and 1600 slot pokies. Do make sure to head to the rooftop as this is where you’ll find the 340 m long SkyPark and a 150 meter long swimming pool giving you the best views in the city.

2. Wynn Macau, Macau

Wynn Macau, Macau

This is yet another massive casino hotel located on Macau’s waterfront, featuring +500 table games and 840 pokies. If you want to combine gambling with shopping, then we’re happy to inform you that there are more than a few options to keep you busy. But once you make it to the shopping mall you need to make sure to take your credit card as this is the place where you can find brands like Ferrari and Chanel. All in all, this Asian casino resort receives top stars reviews from pretty much anyone who visits the place, giving them a premium and exceptional overall experience.

1.Kurhaus, Baden, Germany

Kurhaus, Baden, Germany

Kurhaus Baden-Baden is the oldest casino in Germany and one of the few German casinos to have survived the wars. The Kurhaus was built in the beginning of the 18th century and started as a meeting place for the rich and the wealthy. In 1748 gambling was first registered in the Kurhaus, but the first official steps towards the legalisation of the casino weren’t taken until a century later. The Kurhaus in Baden-Baden was built in 1820, making it one of the oldest existing casinos in the world. If you want to experience premium gambling, Kurhaus is what you need. Aside from the casino, you’ll find relaxation in the hotel’s famous spa or while you wander around the famous Black Forest.

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