Top 15 Offline Slots for New Zealand Players

Check these best offline slots available in New Zealand. Kiwis can download these slots to have fun without the internet.

The popularity of online casinos is booming worldwide and New Zealand is no exception. Kiwis like to play casino games through their mobile phones and PCs. Plus, the number and the variety of games is large enough to satisfied players with distinctive needs. Digital casino providers, along with reputable software developers, render engaging games to enrich the gaming experience. But what when you wish to play your favourite slot games but you are out of network? Several online casino providers provide offline slots. New Zealand players can play offline slot machines games on their various devices without requiring the internet. However, not all online slots are available offline so you need to check beforehand. Here, we have provided everything you need to know about offline slots in New Zealand.

What Are Offline Slots?

Offline slots can be played without the internet. You just need to download the application on their smartphone or software on their PC (downloading software/app will require the internet). Once you have installed the app on your device, you can play offline slot machine games. You can play these games for free. These are fun games and you can play them wherever you are and whenever you want.

What Are the Top Offline Slots?

As we said in the introduction, not all online slots are available for offline gameplay. If you love to play slots without internet then, we have made a list of the best offline slot machine games for kiwis.

Best Offline Slots for NZ Players

  1. Book of Ra (Novomatic) – This slot machine has enjoyed incredible success at the land-based casinos now it is available on your devices as well. You can play this slot offline with additional features. It offers an extra reel and a high payout ratio. This offline slot machine game can be played on mobile phones as well as PCs.
  2. Wizard of Oz (Zynga) – The story of Wizard is among the popular childhood stories of new generation and now it can be played as offline slot game as well. You can hop on the adventure ride with your favourite characters. The game is available for PC, iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle Fire. A player just needs to match the symbols on the reels and begin the adventure.
  3. Willy Wonka (Zynga) – Zynga has developed another great tale into the slot game. If you love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory then Willy Wonka must have won your heart. This offline slot is really a great way to have fun on your different devices. Just the previous slot machine, Willy Wonka slot is available for smartphones and PC so that you can play this game whenever you want.
  4. Scatter Slots (Murka) – Scatter slots is a great offline slot machine game for kiwis to play without the internet. Murka has made this game available for free download. Just like quality casinos, it offers special features and bonus symbols. NZ players looking for offline slots can download this app on their mobile phones (iOS and Android) and can download the software from Microsoft Store for Windows PC.
  5. Heart of Vegas (Product Madness and Aristocrat) – This offline slot is available for free download in New Zealand. NZ players do not need to travel to Vegas to get the thrill of slots. They can play on this one of the best offline slots available. This slot game has classic symbols and an enticing interface. The theme is interesting enough to keep you up for a long time.
  6. Mega Moolah (Microgaming) – Microgaming is one of the leading casino game developers and Mega Moolah enjoys great success. Players can play this offline slot game on their multiple devices.
  7. Pop Slots (Play Studio) – If you want a realistic slot experience then Pop Slots is one of the top offline slots in New Zealand. Specially made for the mobile platforms, this offline slot offers slots tournaments and some exciting events. Your friends can join and you guys can play along.
  8. Wheel of Fortune (IGT) – IGT is an industry-leading software developer. This offline slot machine has extracted its gameplay from a game show. With amazing bonus available, you can have enriched gameplay.
  9. Slots Era (Murka) – When you have no network and want to play slots, Slots Era can be one of the best choices in the category. Jackpots, bonuses, free spins, and a number of features are available for you on this offline slot.
  10. Cinderella (Huuuge Global) – A fairy tale of Cinderella is popular in New Zealand as well and what could be more fun than playing it as a slot machine game offline. You don’t need to pay a single penny or require internet to play this offline slot. You can relive your childhood fantasy with this game.
  11. Slots Journey (Murka) – Murka Games Limited offers a number of offline slot games available for you and Slots Journey are one of the top offline slots that you shouldn’t miss. You can play 777 slot machines on your smartphones and PC with this offline slot game. It adds new features every month so this should be installed on your phone.
  12. Monopoly (Phantom) – Monopoly is among the most famous board games world. New Zealand players can play Monopoly slots on their smartphones as an offline game. There are several faux slot games of the same name so we suggest choosing the right casino would be the best choice for you.
  13. Starburst (NetEnt) – NetEnt is undoubtedly the best slot software developers in the online casino industry that offers online pokies, and Starburst is its popular offering. The great thing is that players can play this quality slot game for offline. Kiwis can download the game and get coin and free spins to have fun.
  14. Cleopatra (IGT) – This online slot machine is popular at all the new NZ casinos. However, players can download the game on their smartphone as well. Cleopatra offline lost is available on iOS and Android smartphone. Besides, many online casinos offer this offline slot on PC for free as well.
  15. Diamonds of Egypt (Joyvoo) – Joyvoo is a reputed mobile game developer and their slot games are loved worldwide. Diamonds of Egypt can be downloaded on smartphones to play offline. With its exotic theme based on Egypt’s mythical stories is enticing to enhance the gameplay experience.


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