The 10 Most Important Poker Strategy Books Ever Written

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If your goal is to become profitable in poker, you must thoroughly understand every aspect of the game as skills make a difference in this not so game of chance. Whilst players can clearly gain valuable insights through years of hands-on practice and learn while gaining experience, there is also literature that can help sharpen your theoretical poker skills before moving on to the practical challenge. If you’re looking after a poker career and want to keep on developing yourself as a poker player, then we recommend that you continuously train yourself. One of the ways to effectively do this is by reading our game guides, but another way is to turn to books.

All of these share in common that they are written by professional poker players which makes it valuable inside experience. The top poker strategy books you will come across below should provide you with valuable information and inspiration to enhance your abilities, whether you plan to practise in live poker events or on online casino platforms. 

10: Power Hold’Em Strategy (2008)

Daniel Negreanu is a Canadian born professional poker player with Romanian roots. Born in Toronto, Negreanu has already made many profits up to millions of dollars. The interesting thing about this is that he managed to do so whilst playing poker. Negreanu is still considered one of the most legendary poker players who is still active today. The Canadian published his own book back in 2008 in which he tells poker minded gambling enthusiast more about his secrets and strategies when it comes to playing the card game. 

9: Modern Tournament Poker (2014)

This is a book that is often used by poker players who are looking to enhance their skills. In the book you’re about to read more about actually participating in professional live poker tournaments. Modern Tournament Poker tells the reader in New Zealand and beyond what to expect when entering a live poker tournament for the very first time as well as how to perform strongly. If you want a book that is specifically about participating in poker tournaments, then this book by the authors Dan Harrington and Bill Roberts is highly recommended. Bote: this book is less intended for those that play online.

8: Poker for Dummies (2000)

Poker for Dummies is a silly sounding title, but a very practical guide. The book that was published at the beginning of this century dives into the very basics of the poker game. This includes basic information about how to bet, how to bluff and how to get to the top of poker. The title may suggest that the book is written for poker novices, but even experienced players can get a lot of useful info from it. The book comes with useful illustrations which we find a strong point. The illustrations help to make the explanations straightforward and actually quite some fun to read. Poker for Dummies (Richard D. Harroch, Lou Krieger) is not only for dummies as you will find out if you read it. 

7: The Theory of Poker (1999)

The Theory of Poker is considered suitable for players who already have some sort of experience playing poker, but want to work on a durable poker strategy. The Theory of Poker (David Sklansky) tells the reader more about the different strategies they can follow, as well as the best tactics for all sorts of specific game situations. Be prepared that a wide range of poker terms will fly through your mind so you mind need to read the text a couple of times before you get the idea behind it. By once you make it to the last page, you’ll be powered with more knowledge than every before.

6. Super System 2 (2005)

Many poker players will be familiar to some extent with Doyle Brunson’s Super System. The second part of Super System is based on the same concept as the original book, basically meaning that the best poker players in the world wrote a chapter in it, giving it some new perspectives. Contributors included Jennifer Harman (Limit Hold’em), Lyle Berman (Pot Limit Omaha), and Bobby Baldwin (Omaha Hi / Lo) in the 2004 edition.

5. Easy Game: Making Sense of No Limit Hold’Em (2011)

When this book was initially published in 2011, it quickly revolutionised the poker world and became essential reading for nearly every gambling enthusiast who has a strong interest in the game of poker. Today, it may be deemed a bit outdated for more challenging games. For beginners and poker players struggling at lower stakes, it is still a must-read. Author Andrew Seidman covers a wide range of poker related topics in his book and we have to say that he has managed to do so in a straightforward and comprehensible manner. 

3: Poker School (2001)

Poker School is believed to be especially suitable for novice poker minded players. The book tells you more about the different variants of poker, the basics of the card game and the strategies you can use when playing it. The book can be used by online players as well as players who play offline or participate in poker tournaments. Poker School was highly popular when poker had its global boost in popularity in the ‘90’s, but is still read by many poker players who want to make their bets in a top paying online casino NZ.

4: Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker (2011)

New Zealanders with an ambition to participate in live poker tournaments are advised by KiwiGambler to read Jonathan Little’s book Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker. Little had already won a total amount of more than US$4 million through hi live poker tournaments participations at the time the book was launched in 2011. He decided to share his secrets behind winning his prizes in what turned out to be a highly popular book. Three additional series have been made of this book that was originally published in 2011.

2: Excelling at No-Limit Hold Em (2015)

Excelling at No-Limit Hold’Em is a 500-page book written in collaboration with 17 well-known poker experts. The 17 give readers tips on how to play the specific No-Limit Hold’Em version. They do this by sharing thoughts about the mindset players should have as well as the psychological skills poker requires as this is a tough game. Other than playing casino free games, Excelling at No-Limit Hold’Em will also turn out to be highly useful in your way to developing a successful poker strategy. The full title of this book published in 2015 is a mouth full: Jonathan Little’s Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em: Leading poker experts discuss how to study, play and master NLHE.  The book’s authors are Jonathan Little, Mike Sexton, and Phil Hellmuth.

1. Book of Poker: Improve Your Poker Game (2014)

To help New Zealanders and other players to become successful as well, Chris Moorman shares different strategies that can serve Kiwis to make improvements in their poker game. In Chris Moorman’s Moorman’s Book of Poker: Improve Your Poker Game (Chris Moorman, Byron Jacobs) you can read more about his most effective poker strategies and his rather impressive story behind winning games. Chris Moorman was born in the UK (Brighton) and is believed to have won more than US $11 million by playing the game at international online casinos.

Final Note

Most of the books in this The 10 Most Important Poker Strategy Books Ever Written-list are available in New Zealand, either in local bookstores or online. Some books might need to be imported. We recommend checking with your local bookstore whether they sell the book you want to read. In the meantime you can follow KiwiGamber’s gaming guides to familiarise yourself with table games and other casino games. Conveniently, some of these books about poker are available online and downloadable via their ebook links.

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