How Technology Has Brought Casinos Into Our Homes

The online gambling industry is one of the sectors that has benefited most from technology. Thanks to significant technological changes in recent years like new devices, platforms and software, digital casinos were brought into our homes and they’ve never left ever since. Online casinos, as these websites are referred to, have constantly been adapting to these new developments to provide both superior gaming experiences and what they would define as a ‘land based casino ambiance’.

According to business experts, more than 41 percent of the world’s population participates in some form of gambling every year, be it playing casino games or placing bets on sporting events. But in the past two years, with COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns and quarantines, the iGaming market has witnessed significant growth in New Zealand as well, attracting Kiwis from all parts of the country seeking new forms of online entertainment.

With every new tech trend introduced over the decades, online operators from all parts of the world are now effectively able to create new gaming ventures by providing expanded platforms and even more enhanced gameplay, as well as enabling users to enjoy multiple aspects of online entertainment. From operators to gamblers, this article covers how these technologies have impacted the online casino industry.

The Complete User Experience

Think about a modern online casino and try to strip the separate elements you’ll find on the website such as the game lobby with thousands of pokies, the help page, the sportsbook, or even the live lobby. The first, chatbots, have become very common when it comes to providing online support, and some online casinos have even used interactive chatbots to automatically respond to their customers’ problems. This way, casinos improve the user experience by having better tools to solve any inconveniences, clear up doubts or provide assistance. Chatbots and chat boxes are considered very common today, but they’re actually not if you compare modern websites with platforms from 10 years ago.

And then there’s advanced cybersecurity, too. And modern payment platforms that have been integrated into websites and facilitate instant transactions. All of this is thanks to how technology brought online gaming to our casinos and has been continuously working on adding new elements to the website. Now just take a closer look at the beautifully shaped icons or the sliders that show all the promos you can claim. Or even the sign up forms work smoothly making the user experience a very easy one. What is considered normal today is actually the outcome of ongoing technical developments. Specifically, there are some developments that have greatly contributed to the market. We’ll cover these below.

Big Data

Considered one of the most important technological developments of the past decades, Big Data offers many benefits to businesses and industries of all sizes, including gambling.

It is able to collect large amounts of data to analyse and extract key elements, allowing online casinos to personalise each player’s interactions by obtaining crucial details about their behaviour. Each player or gambler has specific preferences, needs, or even tactics. Access to that information can help digital gaming platforms deliver unique, personalised experiences and build better relationships with their customers via loyalty programs for instance. Online casinos can also use big data to track gaming activity and discover which titles users play the most or which games they need to improve to attract more players.

SSL Encryption

Safety is paramount when it comes to gambling because we’re mostly dealing with real money online casinos. No one wants to see their bank account hacked by unsavoury means, which is why online casinos must be secure at all times. If developers wouldn’t have been able to make that happen, the move from physical locations to internet sites would have never been successful. There are several ways that online security has been improved over the years, with SSL encryption being one of the most prominent ones.

This encryption conveniently tells you whether or not a site is secure, typically with a lock icon appearing in the web browser confirming it’s safe to use. Technology has helped so many people to feel more at ease with gambling online, because they know the casino they’re playing in is authentic and safe. Whilst most people don’t have any problems in making online transactions nowadays, there was a time when a lot of people were still very reluctant to authorise online payments.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has revolutionised the world in several ways, especially when it comes to finance. The casino industry is known for its players that often use fiat currency to make deposits, and has also seen cryptocurrency changing the market. Online casinos have successfully started using blockchain technology, amongst others to offer even more secure payment options. In fact, an increasing number of online gambling platforms, often referred to as bitcoin or crypto casinos, encourage their customers to make deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrencies to avoid issues related to online security risks.

Bitcoin has also become the preferred currency of online players and bookmakers as it is the most trusted and recognised digital currency in the crypto market in the world. Also, Bitcoin deposits are often more secure and less prone to fraud, so digital gaming platforms rely on it to improve security. Other popular crypto currencies are Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Like in the real world, crypto currencies are not authorised by every gaming authority which is why a lot of operators move their sites to Curaçao to be able to use it.

Mobile Play

When the first internet casinos hit the market, they were initially available on desktops only. That makes perfect sense, as the first online casino was launched in 1994 at a time when most people didn’t even know that phones would become mobile someday. Most modern online casinos now support mobile play as operators can’t lack to serve their mobile target group. Operators first released native mobile apps that weren’t nearly as good as playing on desktops. Back then, HTML5 was a game-changer that paved the way for browser play. Now most online casinos work on any device and offer the same top quality experience. PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets can all be used to access the casino and play thousands of games instantly. You just need an internet connection and a device.

Live Casino Streaming

There seems to be an endless pursuit for the most authentic casino experience. In this regard, where standard online casinos failed in the first years, live dealer casinos have largely succeeded. Thanks to technology and creative thinking, providers and operators have found a way to make things as real as possible. They introduced live casino products where the action is streamed in real time. Players in such environments are presented with real tables hosted by real dealers. Even though there is a screen that separates you from the table, this still makes the experience as close to a land based casino as possible.

Final thoughts

The gambling industry has expanded tremendously over the past decade and developments in the digital world have had a significant impact on the global gaming business. Market research even predicts that the global gaming market will reach NZD $ 8,809 billion next year, growing nearly 6% per year. Much of that growth is directly related to technological innovations, and more land based and online casinos are expected to adopt new technological methods to meet the ever changing customer needs.

In recent years, people went from gambling in traditional brick and mortar venues where they were “forced” to leave their homes to online gambling from the comfort of their couch in virtually any city in the world and at any time of the day. As a result, there are many more interactive games, with better graphics and more personalised experiences for each player available today. All the technological advancements we’ve been through since the first casino in 1994 have shaped the casino industry, and new emerging technologies are likely to continue to change what we know as online gambling — the beautiful and ever fascinating world of online gambling that is.


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