Solving Frequent Problems Encountered in Online Casinos

Players who are new to the world of iGaming don’t always know what to expect and we’re even sure that many of them aren’t aware of the millions of dollars that can be earned by playing online pokies, or especially games like online poker and online jackpot games. There are still risks one needs to be aware of, especially as most players sign up to online casinos to play with real money stakes. And where money comes into play, problems (can) arise.

In order to prepare yourself in the best possible way for the potential of iGaming we will warn you about the most frequent problems in online casinos. We are also more than happy to provide you with proper solutions, or rather preventional measures, so that you don’t run into them. Don’t let this intro scare you too much though as the online casino industry is a mature industry with stock listed companies and gaming authorities that are part of governmental bodies. By sticking to legalised online casinos you will avoid a lot of the potential problems.

Most Common Online Casino Problems

Together, online casinos have grown into a billion dollar industry which is why serious money is in stake. For problem seekers, this provides the perfect setting to cause some drama although this has gradually faded away thanks to international gambling regulations and stricter laws. This doesn’t mean that potential conflicts can arise with some common problems listed below. These are particularly seen at non-licenced online casino websites:

  • Non-responsive Customer Support Desk: Ideally, you won’t need the customer support desk, especially if you’re an experienced online punter. When you do need help from the customer service desk you want them to be professional and prompt. Not responding in a professional way, however, is one of the areas for conflict.
  • Non-Pay Outs of Bonus Profits: Although less common amongst licensed casinos, some gambling sites and players have disputes over the platform not willing to pay out a bonus. This is, however, typically due to not meeting all the bonus terms which are often difficult to understand by players.
  • Stringent Bonus Terms: This brings us to our next point, that of a casino working with strict bonus terms. There’s really nothing wrong with strict terms and conditions, but they need to be clear and feasible. Not being so will affect a casino’s credibility.
  • Lacking Payout Policy: Either late or partial payments. A lot of international non-licenced casinos work with a max withdrawal per transaction, week or month which is particularly unfavourable when a player makes a huge win. As a player you want to be paid out fully and fast. We believe this is your right.
  • Lacking Responsible Gaming Policy: When an online casino does not offer solid measures to protect players against problematic gambling behaviour it should be avoided at all times. Players should be able to set account limits and pause or exclude themselves from play. There should always be a responsible gaming page and customer agents need to be educated on the risk of gambling.

How To Solve This?

Despite the potential risk of signing up at the wrong online casino, there are different ways to smoothen your gambling experience as you’ll quickly discover below. Despite the industry’s negative image, most experienced gamblers will acknowledge that online casinos have turned into respected online businesses in the last 10-15 years. In the end, this is why online casinos sponsor huge rugby tournaments and teams and other major sports events. 

  1. Read The T&C’s: A part of the problem can be prevented by checking the casino’s terms and conditions. This isn’t always easy to understand, we’re aware of that, but that’s where the customer support desk comes into play as they can explain all the rules. Affiliate websites like our own make sure to do the check for you and only include online casino bonuses that come with favourable terms.
  2. Choose Our Recommended Casinos: This brings us to our next point, that of choosing our recommended casino sites. No, you’re not forced to do so and we’re sure that there are heaps of other affiliate sites that can recommend players about the best casinos and casino deals, but most of them focus on Europe or North America. Our platform, however, is run by Kiwis and is meant for Kiwis.
  3. Stick to Licensed Operators: All of our recommended casinos are licensed in one or multiple jurisdictions. As online gambling isn’t regulated in New Zealand, most of these websites hold a licence in Europe whilst the crypto casinos operate from Curaçao. Holding a licence means that all of our casinos follow international laws as well as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) guidelines.

Problem Solving Done Right

Yes, online gambling can still expose players to casino scams, but this is pretty true for all businesses that operate online. Sticking to reputed casino sites will help you protect your personal and financial data whilst they will significantly lower your chances of running into a dispute. Online casino operators are now massive companies that often have shareholders and need to keep up with gambling laws as well as other international regulations. A casino’s licence can always be checked and our recommended casinos hold a valid one.

Some of our recommended gambling sites even hold multiple licences so you can’t really go wrong. Just make sure to read the terms and conditions and go through the casino’s responsible play policy. We’ll help you along the way whilst you go ahead and have fun. Whilst you do so make sure to check out our other guides such as our How to Play Texas Hold’em guide so that you prepare yourself in the best way possible for your next move.

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