How To Play At Online Casinos With Smartphones

How To Play At Online Casinos With Smartphones

Mobile websites, apps, and other mobile-oriented platforms have made their way to take over the casino industry and since their introduction, they’ve really stopped growing ever since. Most online casinos are fully available on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, giving players some extra tools to enjoy online gaming. The good news is that it requires little effort to get started with mobile play.

As the number of new mobile sites continues to grow, mobile catalogs do as well. Still, the complete mobile experience stretches all the way to the overall usability of the platform and that’s why we’re happy to let you know more about how to play at online casinos with smartphones. Being able to access the site on a mobile device is not the same thing as really knowing how to play at online casinos with smartphones which is why we feel it is our responsibility to inform you of the whole process. In this guide meant for mobile players, we will therefore tell you more about the most important steps of mobile play.

Browser vs. App

This immediately brings us to our first topic mobile casinos can be accessed in different ways. Most trusted mobile casinos can be visited through either standalone apps or instant play versions in browsers and sometimes even both. While the difference between the two is minimal, mobile apps have a slight edge in this area. That’s because most of these apps are fully optimized to provide a desktop-like experience. Then again, playing casino games in a mobile browser has become a lot smoother and more exciting in recent years and casino operators have managed to nearly duplicate the desktop experience on a smaller screen.

Differences between the two may still occur though. This may be true for the number of games available, but also when it comes to the promotions page. Although uncommon, heavy desktop sites can still turn out to be slow on mobile devices, especially when a mobile connection is used instead of a steady and stable wifi connection. Most casinos allow players to install casino apps directly from the site, but this can also be done in the App Store in some cases. Google Play doesn’t allow casino-related content in its store.

Smartphones vs. Tablets

Playing in a mobile casino can be done on both mobile phones and tablets and both devices have their own set of advantages. The biggest benefit of a tablet is definitely that the screen is a lot bigger and that you thus enjoy a better view of the game. On the other hand, tablets are a lot less practical and don’t just fit in your pocket like mobile phones do. We can say the exact opposite advantages and disadvantages apply to mobile phones: yes, a smartphone is easier to carry around in your pocket, but the screen is therefore immediately a lot smaller than on a tablet. That doesn’t change the fact that the mobile experience should still be very satisfactory on both a smartphone and tablet device.

How to Start With Mobile Play?

Signing up at a mobile casino might require some extra explanations as there is still a large group that prefers sticking to traditional casinos using their desktop screens. For players who want to be able to make their wagers whilst they’re on the move or who are just curious about why so many players have decided to switch from desktop to mobile, we have listed 5 steps that will make your mobile casino experience just a little easier. We advise you to follow the steps below so you can get the most out of your mobile sessions:

  • Read Our Reviews: yes, we do encourage you to sign up at a mobile casino by making use of our casino recommendations as this will really make a difference. All the casino websites we recommend have been tested with real money and we only recommend a casino if we would play on it ourselves as well. We make sure to do a background check of the operating company and thus merely include casino websites that are owned by a trustworthy company.
  • Sign Up: creating an account should be as easy on a desktop screen or a mobile device as casino websites have effectively facilitated the steps in recent years. Fill in your personal details, confirm your account, and you should be ready to make your first online wagers. Our recommended casinos are only available for players that are at least 18 years of age. This includes players that are based in NZ.
  • Prepare Your Phone: the nature of this step depends on your device and whether there is a dedicated mobile app to use or not. If there is, you can download it on your phone, but you’ll need to take into account your telephone’s memory and storage. Most modern mobile casinos don’t require a lot of space, but just make sure to have some space to be able to download it and install future updates. For responsive sites, this is no issue as you’ll be able to play in your standard browser.
  • Get the Most out of Free Demo Play: we recommend you always get the most out of your sessions by starting with free demo play first. Go ahead and test the casino’s mobile lobby by making use of the free demo mode which should be available for most games. This will give you the opportunity to play free pokies without risking your own money and thus increase your chances of winning.
  • Claim Your Bonus: ideally, you practice the games in the free demo mode that are also valid for the casino’s welcome bonus. Some players immediately move on and claim their bonus as the free spins give them opportunities to spin without risking their own money. We nonetheless advise you to do this only after having made use of the free demo play option as this will maximize your return on investment. It will always take a spin or two to get used to how a game works and you don’t want these spins to be in vain, just because they’re part of a free spins promo.
  • Get Involved in the Action: now you’re really ready for the action as you’ve just gone through the training you need to be able to make your first real money wager in a confident way. Be careful and stick to the minimum betting level and move your way up as soon as you’re even more confident about your moves.
  • Play Responsibly: once you feel comfortable about your spins, ensure to keep it that way at all times. Don’t try to rush the process as it’s just not worth it if you want to get engaged in frequent play. Make sure to set predefined goals like session and deposit limits and have fun. More info about the responsible play can usually be found in one’s account or in the footer. The fun factor is what it should all be about.

Final Thoughts

The list of mobile casinos available to Kiwi players is growing every day which means there are countless options for everybody wanting to play on their smartphone. We’re very big fans of mobile play and we don’t see any reason not to love what mobile devices, and smartphones, in particular, have brought us in recent years. As software developers continue to adapt their products to mobile users whilst casino operators do the same, we think that mobile casinos will become dominant in the next few years. For players who want to feel how much fun mobile casinos can be, KiwiGambler is happy to help out. This includes reviews of top online casinos in NZ and of course the best casino bonuses. Make sure to frequently check our newest reviews to stay updated about mobile casinos in NZ.

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