How Mobiles Are Changing Online Casinos

How Mobiles Are Changing Online Casinos

The development of modern technologies and access to high-speed internet connections have contributed significantly to the growth of entertainment options. What once was known as challenging, difficult or even impossible is now just a few clicks away if you’ve got a high-end smartphone in your hand. These developments have left their mark on the industry of online gambling and as a result, the online casino market has made significant progress, powered by the latest technologies.

Smartphones no longer serve the simple purpose of communicating with friends and family via text messages and phone calls but are fully functional multimedia devices that allow the average person to play online through a small device that can be kept in their pocket. Online play is thus no longer limited to laptops and desktop computers as you can engage in online gambling just as easily if you’re using a mobile device. If you reside in New Zealand, you can now visit websites that are officially based in Europe which is the main advantage of how smartphones (and technology) have changed the industry. In today’s guide, we will tell you more about the 5 ways mobiles are changing online casinos.

How Smartphone Devices Have Changed Online Casinos

Mobile devices, and smartphones, in particular, continue to change the online casino industry faster than many software developers would’ve expected. Arguably the largest market, smartphone users are claimed to be already more than their desktop counterparts. Software developers, operators, and their online casinos are increasingly prioritizing this market and are trying to provide even more engaging mobile experiences with their games. This explains why the mobile gaming industry isn’t expected to slow any time soon whilst most industry experts would even say that mobile gaming continues to grow exponentially.

One of the main reasons why smartphone technology has had such an impact on online gambling is that the mobile experience is actually always at the forefront of any digital innovation. Some web designers even put mobile first and adapt their site accordingly. This development has also been taken to the online casino industry which is known to be one of the pioneers in mobile technology just like any other niche that fully depends on the internet. At online casinos, game providers, payment providers, and players come together. It’s a place where pokies are played, sports bets are made, loyalty programs get awarded, casino bonuses get offered, and transactions get processed. No wonder casinos are leading when it comes to how to get the most out of mobile developments.

1. Play everywhere

One of the main changes thanks mobile phones is clearly accessibility. Connectivity via mobile phones has completely changed the game, with players being able to access their favourite games anywhere and anytime. Not too long ago, players were tied to their desktop computers, but smartphones and tablets have made it possible to bring online casinos along with them, while the same is true to a lesser extent for laptops. Placing a last-minute bet on a sports event or making a spin on your favourite pokie is possible if you’re out and about, provided that you’ve got internet access and a moment to focus on your next master move. Since the introduction of the very first online casinos in 1994, players were theoretically able to always visit their favourite casino’s lobby, but the everywhere factor was added only when mobile gaming became commonplace.

2. Instant notifications

Instead of needing to visit the casino’s website to go and see the latest promotions, leaderboards, or jackpot scores yourself, you will now conveniently receive notifications on your device’s screen which has made online gambling a lot more interactive. This is already a major difference between new casino sites and online casinos from a decade ago, but just imagine how convenient this is when compared to brick and mortar casinos. Thanks to notifications you can easily try your luck on a progressive jackpot pokie when you feel the time is right whilst you would need to drive your way to most land-based casinos to see how high the jackpot is. Instant notifications, push messages, promotional offers, and other email marketing deals are readily available on your mobile’s screen.

3. Easier transactions

Thanks to mobile payment developments it has become easier to deposit or withdraw money. There are many payment solutions available on mobile and whether it’s with a pin code, fingerprint, or face recognition, mobile banking has become safer, easier, and faster. Speed is crucial and thanks to mobile transactions, deposits have become fast and sometimes even instant, facilitating immediate play. No need to wait for the bank to open to be able to play online and your funds should shortly be available if you stick to e-wallets. Mobile payments are often your best choice if you’re looking for a fast payout casino.

4. Security

Mobile developments have had their share too when it comes to safety and security and they continue to make a difference. Just think of authorizing transactions on a mobile device as we mentioned in the previous step, but the introduction of two-step authentication and other anti-cheat algorithms have also made sure that casino websites have become safer. Those familiar with how the online casino industry works know that safety and security have always been one of the most important performance metrics and it’ll continue to be so. Whilst casinos were heavily criticized in the past for lacking security measures, today licensed casinos ensure that players don’t have anything to worry about.

5. Mobile Apps

Most online casinos are accessible through browsers and automatically adapt according to the device used to access the website. Those who want to have the full experience can opt for installing mobile apps as these are still common amongst the biggest operators. Although not all iGaming concerns have separate apps, those that do make the mobile casino experience even more efficient and intuitive because you get access to thousands of games as easy as lifting a finger. Mobile apps do require a one-time install and enough space on your telephone or tablet, but future updates are either done automatically or semi-automatically.

Final thoughts

Smartphone devices have become so powerful that they can handle as many functions as virtually any basic computer. It has become unimaginable today to predict a future without smartphones, and our necessity of mobile phones has become very evident in the gambling industry too. At the same time, the introduction of smartphones is one of the main reasons why the online gambling industry has seen such strong growth in recent years. If it weren’t for mobile phones, online casinos would’ve been half as popular.

There are still some challenges for operators. Web security and the safety of player’s personal and financial details remain the most discussed challenges as hackers and malicious third parties try to reinvent themselves with newer and advanced methods to steal payment details. Consequently, for an industry as robust as the online casino industry, more security measures will need to be adopted. The interactivity of live casinos on smaller smartphone screens remains another challenge to overcome. Both in terms of web security and live casino games, the industry has shown to be very competent.

As it stands, we don’t see any other device taking over the smartphone’s dominant role in online gaming anytime soon as we think mobile phones have come to take over and quite possibly guide online casinos to yet another wave of new online casino trends. We can’t wait to find out where mobile devices will have taken us in ten years from now.

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