New Online Casinos vs. Established Ones: Pros and Cons

new online casinos vs established casinos

The online casino industry continues its impressive growth, expanding at a rapid pace as new brands emerge. This trend is a testament to the immense popularity of online gambling, with an ever-increasing number of options available to players in New Zealand. Consequently, selecting the best online casino has become a daunting task due to the sheer number of choices available today.

Industry experts in NZ suggest that players should consider exploring new online casinos due to the multitude of benefits they offer. By venturing into these newly established platforms, players can enjoy a fresh and exhilarating gaming experience, particularly if they have been loyal to a single online casino for an extended period of time.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the pros of new online casinos, whilst we won’t forget about the cons. In order to give you the full picture we’ll do the same for established casinos. Make sure to read our guide to choose the online casino brand that fits you best.

Pros of New Online Casinos

Let’s keep it positive now and start with the pros of new casinos first. The most obvious advantage of a new online casino is that it’s brand spanking new, fully fresh, untouched — well you get our point. New casinos can therefore provide players with a completely new experience, especially if they’re tired of playing at the same online casinos for a long time.

High-End Websites

One of the primary advantages of new casinos is their novelty as this can be quite uplifting. Being newly established, they provide players with a sense of excitement and novelty, setting them apart from their more established counterparts. New operators often leverage the latest and most innovative technologies, resulting in high-end websites, a diverse selection of games, and user-friendly interfaces. This dynamic approach allows them to make an instant impact on the market and stand out from established casinos.

Mobile Optimised

New casinos prioritise mobile optimisation, recognising the popularity of mobile gambling. Unlike older brands with poor mobile sites, new casinos are quick to adapt and offer excellent mobile experiences right from the start. They often provide native apps and mobile casino platforms, enabling players to enjoy their favourite games while on the go.

Brand Promotion Via Bonuses

Another highly compelling aspect of new casinos is their commitment to brand promotion through generous bonuses and promotions. As they strive to build a solid customer base, these casinos allocate substantial resources to marketing efforts, resulting in numerous bonuses for players to take advantage of. However, it’s important to note that the extent of these bonuses may vary depending on the casino’s financial capabilities.

Newest Payment Methods

Moreover, new online casinos excel in payment methods, offering players the best and most reliable options available. They carefully analyse the mistakes made by older casinos to avoid repeating them. By leveraging the latest technology, these new establishments provide secure and convenient payment platforms, ensuring an elevated gaming experience and potentially making it to our list of fast payout casinos.

Customer Support Cares

Newly established casinos make extensive efforts to provide exceptional treatment to all players and customers. As they strive to establish a strong position in the online gaming industry, they go above and beyond to fulfill customer requests and promptly address inquiries through various channels such as online platforms, phone calls, emails, and chat support. If you find yourself facing challenges while playing an unfamiliar game, there is no need to worry. Simply reach out to customer service, and you can expect a swift response to assist you in no time. They might not always solve your problem immediately, but they are a lot more likely to put effort into finding the right solution.

Cons of New Online Casinos

Whilst the pros of new online casinos are numerous, there are a few cons that need to be discussed as well. The cons of these new casinos highly depend on the experience and reputation of the owner of the casino. The newer the owner, the more you will need to take the following cons into consideration.

Trust and Reputation

New online casinos often lack an established reputation, making it crucial for players to exercise caution when placing their trust in these organisations. Although the digital world is becoming increasingly regulated and secure, there are still unscrupulous actors operating in the industry. Given the absence of an established reputation, it can be challenging to put complete trust in new casinos, especially if you make large deposits.

Financial Solvability

As the new casino is new to the market it will have to earn itself a track record, and thus income to become financially stable in the mid-term. This is clearly less the case if the operating company behind the casino is experienced and can serve as a back-up.

Pros of Established Online Casinos

There are of course plenty of benefits that exist for players who have a preference to stick with more established casino brands which we can’t really blame them for doing as it’s probably the easiest way to go. Below, we’ll touch upon the different pros of established casinos.

Brand Recognition

One of the significant advantages of established casinos is their long-standing brand recognition and earned trust. Players are familiar with these well-established operators and know precisely what to expect. These casinos have consistently delivered reliable service over a considerable period and are unlikely to deviate from their successful track record.

Trust and Reputation

Trust plays a crucial role when selecting an online casino, and established brands have worked diligently to build a strong reputation. Licensed sites offered by these brands provide players with a safe and secure gaming environment. Whilst newer casinos will also prioritise security, players tend to have more trust in brands that have been operating for an extended period. Established casinos have fostered enduring relationships with top online pokie developers, ensuring a vast selection of high-quality games for Kiwis to enjoy.

Financial Stability

Bigger and more established brands often boast larger budgets, allowing them to offer more substantial bonuses compared to their newer counterparts. With a built-in customer base, these casinos are better positioned to run promotions without taking excessive risks. In contrast, newer casinos may lack consistency in terms of traffic and may struggle to provide extensive rewards to their players. The size of the player base is crucial, particularly for casino-related promos or tournaments where players contribute to the prize pot.


Established brands draw upon years of experience to deliver what their customers desire. They have a deep understanding of player preferences and how to cater to them effectively. Players can rely on the consistency provided by these experienced operators, ensuring a stable and enjoyable gaming experience.

Cons of Established Online Casinos

There are a few cons of established online casinos as well and we have to say that these are a lot less variable than at new online casinos. The disadvantages of established online casino sites are rather stable and are best described as follows:

Big Organisations, Inefficient Communication

The more experienced the more likely you are to sign up to a big organisation. Although these tend to stand for stability, this is also where bureaucracy comes into play. The bigger the organisation you’re dealing with, the more time it will take to solve problems and the more likely it is that your ticket or inquiry will get lost in the process. We’re not a fan of huge organisations and as soon as you need to contact them you’ll understand why.

The Casino Doesn’t Need You

With newer casinos brands you can often count on the operator putting all its effort into providing you the service you deserve. This doesn’t always happen due to them being new and experienced, but the intention is always there. Established brands however don’t give a darn who you are as you’re just a number to them. We would’ve loved to tell you otherwise, but this is the truth and other than a loyalty programme you won’t have a lot to count on when it comes to special treatment.

Final Note: New ≠ Unexperienced

It is important to note that a new online casino refers to a recently launched website that has opened its virtual doors to new players. However, the term “new” should not be equated with “inexperienced.” The distinction here lies in considering the actual owner of the website when assessing the level of experience. Therefore, different scenarios arise:

New Casino, Experienced Operator:

Many operators launch new brands as part of a diverse portfolio, leveraging their extensive experience in the casino industry. This often grants them advantages over other websites, such as economies of scale, offering a wide selection of licensed games and higher casino bonuses. These new casinos benefit from the expertise of experienced operators.

Existing Casino, New Market:

Another scenario involves a casino that is technically not new but has recently obtained a licence to operate in a specific market, such as New Zealand. Although these casinos may have been in business for a significant period, their expansion to new markets presents players with fresh options. Players in NZ can benefit from the arrival of international brands that have proven their popularity in other countries and now seek to cater to Kiwis.

In conclusion, every casino, regardless of its status as new or established, deserves consideration. Players should weigh the pros and cons of both options to make informed decisions based on their own preferences and priorities.


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