Top 10 Most Popular Card Games

Top 10 Most Popular Card Games

We’ve all shuffled a deck of cards and most of us will have played a card game or two in our life. Card games are amongst the most popular games of chance which is easy to explain as they’re both simple and social, meaning that a lot of fun is guaranteed. And the good thing about them is that they can be played virtually anywhere. You only need a deck of cards to play, a few friends, or family members and you’re good to go. 

As online casinos and even live dealer casinos have added them to their catalogs, most people will probably understand that most card games are not expected to lose their popularity any time soon. There are also many different types of card games with most of them being classics or new variants of classics. The most famous card game around the world is probably poker, but there are a lot more options for those that are looking for fun alternatives for pokies. Players who are into strategic decision-making should choose one of the 10 most popular card games you’ll find in today’s guide. Remember: skills are just as important as luck. Practice can make a difference if you pick the right card game.

10. Spades

Spades’ history goes back to the 1930s when it was invented by a group of college students. Still popular in some parts of the words, Spades requires both skills and a strategy which is what makes the game a thrilling one. A game of Spades can be played by 2 to 7 players and the goal is to collect as many tricks as you can for that round. Players will also need to set an amount of points with the chosen number standing for the minimum to achieve a win. Typically, this stands at a total of 500 points, but thanks to its flexibility this total can change. 

9. Hearts

In this game the opposite happens as the player with the lowest score wins. Hearts are worth one point, and a Queen of Spades is worth 13 points, illustrating the major difference between the value of the cards. Hearts is typically played with 4 players sitting at the table with each player getting 13 playing cards. The goal of the game is to pick three cards which will need to be passed to the player sitting on the one’s left side. Each of the players will need to get rid of the playing cards with a higher value. Once the player gets to 100 points the game of Hearts will come to an end. The player with the lowest number of points is declared the winner of the game.

8. Casino War

Different from the rest of the card games on this list, you might want to consider online casinos that offer Casino War. This game is now widely offered in both land-based and online casinos. Casino Wat is considered an easy card game to learn and the trick is that the exact rules can differ per online casino, so this is something to pay some extra attention to. Most versions of this popular card game work with six decks, while a player is dealt one card. The highest value wins, with the values ranked like poker hands. If the player’s and dealer’s cards are the same, the player can go to war. The bet is then increased and the cards are turned over until the player or dealer draws a higher card. Players can place bets on an ‘Ante’, ‘Tie’ and ‘Raise’.

7. Palace

In a game of Palace, players are given a total of 3 face-down cards. Next, they are dealt an additional six cards face down that are kept separate from the first three. When a player gets to three face-up cards, the game of Palace commences. In the event of 2+ players with three face-up cards, the person with 4 starts the game. The starting player is supposed to play a card equal to or higher than the cards that were used to start the game. The player who finishes their cards first wins the round.

6. Pontoon

Pontoon is a blackjack variant that is very popular in the UK. There are also popular varieties of the game that are very much played in Asia, notably in Malaysia and Singapore. The American variant of Pontoon is called Spanish 21 and other names for this game are Treasury 21 and Jupiters 21, so if Pontoon didn’t ring a bell the other names might’ve. Pontoon is a blackjack variant that is very much sought after as it gives players a new variant that is different enough to be considered refreshing while it is still familiar.

In Pontoon, the goal is to get more points than the dealer, but no more than 21 points — which is the same as in a game of blackjack. Even the same table is used for a game of Pontoon so most blackjack players will feel right at home as soon as they join the table in any real money casino.

5. Solitaire

Solitaire (also referred to as Patience) was always known as a card game that you could perfectly play on your own. In recent years the game has been modernized and brought to the online casino. In a game of Solitaire, you compete against other players or the online casino, and there is money to be won with both. The goal of the game is that you try to get rid of the received cards and get them on the top right of the screen. You do this by placing the cards on the pile in a certain order. This can be done by means of consecutive cards (4, 5, 6, 7, and 8) or cards of the same suit (hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds). With every card you manage to play away, you immediately receive money.

4. Baccarat

James Bond’s preference for baccarat has boosted the game’s popularity around the world, both in online and live dealer casinos. If you’re a Bond fan you will have seen the British secret agent play the game in one of his films. In baccarat, the player has to guess who has the highest cards: the banker or the player. It is important to note that one’s choice needs to be a rational one as many people would naturally favor the player over the house. The dealer (who is actually also the banker) places two cards face down on the table, available for everyone to see. Your best bet? To bet on the Banker as this is who theoretically has the highest chance of making a win.

3. Three Card Poker

In a game of 3-card poker players don’t play against each other either, but you compete against the dealer. Once the players have made their bets, all participants get three cards; this includes the dealer. The one who loses the bet is the one to decide if they continue with the cards or whether the same amount is bet again. Three Card Poker offers an RTP of 96,63 percent which is just above the RTP for most free pokies. In any case, a card game like Three Card Poker requires a little more strategy and decision-making than an average casino game such as the online pokies you’ll find at a Mega Moolah casino.

2. Blackjack

Blackjack continues to attract the crowds because the rules of this card game are very simple. The game is extremely suitable for those who want to put effort into learning it and enhancing their strategy as skills and experience do make a difference. The objective of beating the dealer may sound easier than it is though. Some people refer to the game’s objective to reach the highest score possible without exceeding 21, but the real goal is to beat the dealer and it doesn’t really matter what score you get, as long as it is not 21.

1. Poker

Poker is without a doubt the most famous card game in the world and the worldwide poker boom of the zeroes pretty much explains our point here. Whether you are going to play live poker or online poker, there are lots of options available and there are 1 dollar deposit casinos that offer plenty of poker games to join. Poker is the card game that requires the most skills as experience do make a difference. This also illustrates why the prize poles of poker can exceed millions of dollars and why big poker players have managed to become international celebrities. If you’re looking for a card game where players can make a difference, poker should be your first pick. You should just be prepared that it requires a lot of training to be able to beat other players. But once you do, you can turn poker into a full-time job.

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