How to Play at Online Casinos With Just NZ$5?

If you’ve kept up with our other online casino guides, you will know that NZ$5 casinos are slowly gaining prominence in New Zealand’s industry. Although some operators still require hefty deposits, the number of casino websites that allow players with smaller budgets to sign up is growing. Some casinos only require deposits of NZ$5. That’s all.

We know Kiwis have their own particular reasons to join a casino, with promos like the welcome offer being one of them, whilst the website’s user-friendliness and game catalog also play a major role. Yet, there might be some challenges for Kiwis when it comes to finding an online casino website that meets their preferences in terms of banking.

The arrival of e-wallets has helped a lot to improve this particular aspect which is why there are now heaps of NZD $5 deposit casinos available for Kiwis to join. In order to help you play at 5 NZD casinos, we’ll tell you more about this specific group of casinos. Ready for the ride? Don’t forget to bring 5 dollars and get ready for your next spin or bet.

Why do Casinos Accept Deposits as Low as NZ$5?

Online casinos have started accepting low deposits due to a number of reasons and we’re happy they did as this lowers the barriers for people to start with online gambling and enjoy all the fun. With deposits of a few dollars, the financial risk will be a lot lower. We believe a few important reasons why online casinos now accept low deposits are:

  • Reduced banking costs: let’s not forget that most people pay with their mobile phone, e-wallet, or online banking account nowadays, leading to instant transactions. This has made banking a lot cheaper as customers don’t depend on financial institutions like banks anymore, but can also move along by choosing e-wallets that skip the middleman.
  • Competition: online casinos have also started to accept deposits as low as a few dollars as competition forces them. Some brands even go as low as a dollar as there are also heaps of 1 dollar deposit casinos that can be joined by Kiwis too.
  • To Give You a Warm Welcome: online casinos want new customers on board and they’re very flexible when it comes to giving players what they want. Most of them offer free spins for pokies as well, so why not work with lower deposits that perhaps don’t generate piles of money at first, but at least it doesn’t cost the house any money. Some players will go ahead and turn out to be loyal customers.

Is There a Difference With Other Online Casinos?

In terms of game offer, website functionality, customer support, and whatever is related to the overall service, there is really no difference between low deposit online casinos and other casinos. What is true is that casino operators that accept lower deposits often work with stricter bonus terms as online casinos clearly want to avoid paying major wins in return for deposits of only a few dollars. This usually means that wagering requirements are higher, bonus money is lower, and free spins are lower too when you claim your bonus at a NZ$1 or NZ$ 5 casino. What you’ll need to bear in mind as well is that some payment solutions won’t transfer very small amounts of money or that potential transaction fees might turn out to be higher than the actual deposit. As far as we can see, this holds true for NZ$ 1 in particular whilst this is clearly a lot less the case for NZ$ 5 online casinos.

How to Play at Online Casinos With Just NZ$5?

Joining a NZ$5 deposit casino in New Zealand doesn’t change from signing up at any other casino that works with higher minimum deposits. Below we’ve summed up the five steps of how to play at online casinos with just NZ$5 yourself:

1.The Biggest Challenge: Finding Online Casinos That Accept NZ$5

The web gives us numerous online casinos to play at, and this even holds for NZ-targeted casinos. Among these casinos are those that work with very low deposits of only a few dollars. When searching for a NZ$5 casino in New Zealand, you’ll undoubtedly come across more options than you could take the time to evaluate. This is why we strongly recommend you stick with the casino websites we have featured on our own platform as these have been thoroughly tested. Nearly all of these options hold valid licences.

2.Next: Check Out the Bonuses

One of the main reasons to go for a certain website is the casino bonus on offer which is also the case at NZ$5 deposit casinos. As the online casino, you’re about to sign up to allows lower deposits it is extra important that you carefully check the bonus terms and conditions. Please be aware that the bonus terms tell you just as much about the feasibility of a bonus as the number of free spins or the bonus money you get from the house.

3.Sign Up if You’re Happy With What You See

In addition to looking at the promos for new users, we suggest you take a better look at the overall service of the website too. The user experience depends on a lot more than just being able to deposit low amounts of money. Once you’re happy with what you see and find your preferred 5-dollar online casino, you’re just about ready to start your gaming adventure. Click on the button that says (or sounds like) “sign up”, “join now”, or “create account” and fill in the fields in the registration form. Confirm your account and you’re all set for your deposit.

4.Time To Deposit Your NZ$ 5

Either shortly after registering or upon account creation, it is time for your first deposit and the good thing about sticking to our recommended casinos is that you’re assured to be able to make your NZ$ 5 deposit. Although minimum deposits have become more flexible in recent years, most casinos don’t go as low as NZ$ 5. We’d probably say that finding casinos that allow deposits as low as these might just be the biggest challenges. Thanks to you won’t have to worry about this time-consuming process.

Just make sure to check out the payment methods and the terms and conditions they come with. Make use of the banking method that you believe to be most convenient.


It still may sound too good to be true that there is such a thing as a NZ$5 deposit casino that also awards bonuses and still offers excellent service. Luckily, online casinos continue to surprise us and the way they work with deposits is one way to stand out. Although depositing money may sound like standard procedure to some people, it makes a heck of a difference as the whole experience eventually depends on real money transactions. Being able to now start off your gaming adventure in the best possible way is yet another reason to enjoy online gambling even more than ever before. Get the most out of it, practice, enjoy low deposits and once you’re fully confident about the online pokies you’re playing, you can always go ahead and wager with bigger amounts of money. Do always make sure you don’t risk more money than your budget allows you.

Final Thoughts

KiwiGambler is always ready for the best casino deals and this includes the banking process as this is where every gaming journey begins and ends. Playing with NZ$5 has become easy in recent years as the number of operators working with them has grown significantly whilst the overall service is just as good as at regular online casinos. A lot of casinos that accept minimum deposits are now available in NZ too which is a development we’re very excited about. On our dedicated page about NZ$5 casinos we’ll keep you posted about the best casinos and the latest deals that are offered on these sites. In this in-depth guide, we’ve done our best to give you a complete idea of why these casinos made it to our list of recommended casinos and why you should check them out and bring your $5.


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