Casino Apps vs. Mobile Sites: Head to Head Comparison

When it comes to apps there are few industries as suitable as the online gaming industry with a special place for online betting. Online gaming has taken their mobile visitors very seriously in recent years which is why they have introduced mobile apps to attend to the needs of this growing market. The biggest portion of traffic now comes from cell phones.

The same is true for real money wagers which are just as easily available for someone sitting behind a desktop screen or looking on their cell phone. With one tap, payments can be made with the same being true for requesting payouts.

There are different ideal mobile-friendly options that make mobile gaming as realistic and low barrier as ever before. All players need to do to get started is to download an app to their cell phone or tablet and the rest of the process is self-explanatory. We’ll tell you everything about it in our guide about top real money casino apps for mobile.

Why Go For Casino Apps (Instead of Mobile Sites)?

We have to point out though that most gambling companies work with mobile sites which are basically responsive websites as they’re called in web design. This pretty much means that the same platform is loaded on every device as the web designers have made mobile usage just as important as desktop visits, if not more important in such cases. The key idea behind it is that the same site automatically adapts to the screen size, displaying the same content across all devices. Most of the mobile sites work just as well as the apps although if well done, the apps will exclusively cater to the needs of smartphone and tablet users. Here is a quick overview of what casino apps have to offer:

Casino Apps Offer Benefits Such as:

  • Are user-friendly and should be easy to navigate.
  • Come with the best graphics.
  • Offer the highest speed.
  • Make it easy to pay and play.
  • Offer real money wins as well.

Do Bare in Mind Though That Casino Apps:

  • Require a download.
  • Require updates.
  • Require storage space.
  • Come with annoying pop-ups.
  • Can have a different game portfolio than on the desktop site.

Best Casino Apps for Mobile

Operators of online gaming want to reach as many customers as possible, which explains why so much attention is going out to the group of smartphone users. As the biggest chunk of mobile traffic comes from either a device that works with iOS or Android, this is also what most casino websites tend to be optimized for. The best online casinos deliver the same service across both desktop and mobile, iOS and Android. This means that there shouldn’t be any large differences in the game portfolio, overall functionality, customer support, speed, and bonuses on offer across all devices and platforms. The best mobile apps are the ones that meet the following standards:

  • Bonuses: we have to point out here that not every gambling operator has a promo that is exclusively meant for mobile users, but there are a few of them out there. These mobile casino bonuses are exclusively available to those users who download the app to their mobile devices. This is typically a promo when signing up or using the app for the very first time.
  • Fully Optimized: both for mobile apps and mobile sites, the idea is to help the user have the same user experience on a mobile device as on a desktop screen. This is why the ultimate mobile experience isn’t only limited to offering a strong game assortment but is also related to the overall usability of the platform. From every click and every navigation, you should be able to use a smooth platform.
  • Easy Banking Page: Deposit, and especially payouts should be taken care of immediately which is why it should be easy to both deposit and withdraw money. Everyone using mobile banking will know that it isn’t very difficult to process payments on a cell phone and the same is true when it comes to gaming.
  • Strong Customer Support: the customer support department should be a click away. With many online casinos having live chat desks this shouldn’t be a problem on most websites as this feature is very easy to use. The same should be true for the other ways of contacting the casino or obtaining help such as the FAQ page, the responsible gaming page or even making phone calls.
  • Large Game Portfolio: cell phone casinos should have pretty much the same catalogs as their desktop counterparts. Having enough games doesn’t only mean a high number of games, but also diverse categories such as game shows, specialty games, regular slots, and jackpot slots. Some operators even have poker, bingo, and sports betting in their assortment.

How To Get Started With Real Money Casino Apps

Getting started with your first casino app isn’t very difficult if you know which sources to use. There are three important sources to find today’s best apps in the category of casino and gaming; these include ads by the gaming companies themselves, affiliate websites that help them promote their products and services, and the app stores. We’ll discuss all three of these:


Online casino operators are allowed in most states to promote their gambling services which is why you’ll see a lot of promos going on with some of them trying to get the most out of major sports events on either TV, online, or other places where gambling operators can grab the attention of their target audience. In recent years we’ve seen how more and more gambling companies try to push their target audience towards their mobile offer highlighting the ease of their web app, sometimes even giving new players some extra incentives to download the app by awarding a bonus.

Affiliate Websites

Casino apps are also featured on affiliate platforms. These platforms typically carry out reviews for the casinos while they also share bonuses, tournaments, and other updates that might be interesting to the target group. In return for sharing valuable content, the affiliate will receive financial incentives. These rewards can depend on the affiliate program and the online gambling operator. Affiliate websites can be somewhat biased when it comes to presenting their findings which is why we recommend comparing different platforms and deciding for yourself which affiliate is the most transparent option. They are very helpful in finding out which casinos operate in your region.

App Stores

Apps are generally downloaded in the app stores of either iOS or Google, although casino apps fall into a different category, we have to say. Now, Apple’s app store is not the problem here, as there are many real money casino apps available in their store. Just make sure you find an app that suits your preferences and needs and install it straight away. You will of course need to meet the minimum age requirement in your region.

Android, however, works a bit differently as the Google Play Store isn’t known for its flexibility with any gambling-related content. A lot of casino apps are blocked which is particularly true for lesser-known Igaming brands. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though as online gambling isn’t suitable for everyone as we’re talking about real money wagers. Instead of heading to the app store, you might want to head to the casino’s website directly as this is where you shouldn’t have any difficulties downloading the application

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