How to find casinos near you

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This article is aimed at helping you find casinos near you if you live in New Zealand. It is a comprehensive guide aimed at helping people, regardless of whether they are tech-savvy or not. We present how to use Google Maps and Yelp in order to help you find the nearest casino and a casino that suits your needs.  Furthermore, we tell you the alternative of online casinos (a list of online operators) if you want to enjoy the comforts of home but still play your favourite games.

How to use Google Maps to search for Casinos near you.

 Google Maps is very easy to use and it is very user-friendly. You simply have to type in what you are looking for in the google search bar and you can select the “Maps” tab. This will bring out a map of the location you desire to look for a certain location such as casinos. You can find casinos in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and all cities and areas in less than 10 seconds with a Google Search. Google Maps also has a built-in direction system. It is basically a GPS. It can get you from point A to point B.

What is Google Maps

Google Maps is a consumer application and web mapping platform developed by Google. It uses satellite imagery, aerial photos, street maps in order to give you a 360°. It also includes a panoramic view of the streets called Street View.

You can use this app to find addresses and travel around. It can help you get to locations that you are not familiar with. This app is so useful that as of 2020 it’s being used by over a billion people every month around the world.

Google reviews for Casinos

Google Maps also provides a review system for casinos. You can look for the casinos on the map and then click on them and see customers that left comments about the casino to see if the experience will be to your taste. If you are not sure to location will suit you most casinos have pictures posted from the inside. You can view the pictures to see if they have your favourite slot machines or if they have poker tables or blackjack.

How to use Yelp in order to find Casinos near you

 Yelp is a website that connects individuals with local businesses. You can use Yelp in order to find casinos near you. The great thing about Yelp is that you can see other people’s reviews, see the hour at which the casino opens or closes or if it is opened all day. Yelp is very easy to use. You just type what you are looking for and then a city name. The search engine does the rest for you and brings up all available businesses that fit your description and your area. The great thing about Yelp and Google Maps is that on Yelp you can see the casinos that you looked for on Google Maps and you can simply click on Google maps to get the location. It takes about 20 seconds to search for a casino and then get directions for it.


Let’s say you want to find a casino and you live in Auckland. You simply type in the Google search bar: “casinos in Auckland”. You instantly get a map of Auckland and all the casinos are marked by a red pin on the map. On the left, you can see a list of casinos; names, reviews and the time that they open. From here you can start browsing the list for casinos that are opened or that are closer to you or casinos that have the games you want to play.


Furthermore, you can go on Yelp. Type: “Yelp” in the Google search bar. You should see the Yelp search bar as seen in the picture below.


In the left search bar, you simply type: “Casinos” and in the left, you type Auckland then click on the red magnifying glass. This should bring you to a page like this seen in the picture below.

Yelp 2

Here you can see all the casinos that are opened in Auckland. On the left, you can add filters to your search if you want to be more particular about it. On the right, you can see the google maps map. Using that map you can get directions to your favourite casino.


If you want to enjoy the comfort of home but still play or you are afraid of COVID you can enjoy a casino from home on a computer, laptop or tablet. You can try online casinos. Online casinos are the alternative for actually going to a casino. The experience is similar, some might argue that it’s a little bit better because you are enjoying your home.



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