These Are The 10 Biggest Casinos in the World

When our thoughts cross the image of the biggest casinos on earth, we’re talking about massive structures and true giants. Some of the world’s biggest venue of gambling entertainment could easily rival a small town in NZ, we have to say. Brick and mortar casinos are still places where people have fun and where big wins are made, but some venues are extra special.

In case you’re wondering, no, none of them are located in New Zealand. Those that want to make their wagers in the biggest venues however will need to fly to Asia, North America, Europe, or Africa. If you’re up for the trip, then here’s where you need to fly to.

10. The Borgata, Atlantic City, United States (15,000 m2)

The Borgata is definitely one of the hotspots that can be found in this bustling city Atlantic City. The complex The Borgata is part of houses restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, and the largest hotel of the city. The casino venue itself occupies a space of approximately 15,000 m2. And if that makes you wonder what you will encounter then let’s say that you will come across a casino floor that offers room to more than 4,000 pokie machines and a total 200 gaming tables. Not only is The Borgata world famous for its seize, it is also known to be well managed. In yearly top lists, The Borgata always scores well when it comes to overall management.

9. Casino Lisboa, Portugal (15,000 m2)

It might come as a surprise that the largest establishment in Europe is located in a country that is known for their beaches and passion for football, but not as much for their casinos: Portugal. This casino can be visited in the Portuguese capital city of Lisbon which is quite a place to have a casino as it’s not far from the coast. Moreover, there are plenty of cultural activities that can be combined with your visit to the city of Lisbon. For those that want to grab a bite, there are 7 restaurants + bars, as well as no less than 1,000 hotel rooms. And if you want to head straight to the pokies: Casino Lisboa boasts a total gambling space of an 15,000 m2. Portugal’s Casino Lisboa is the only European casino that is part of the list.

8. MGM Grand Las Vegas, United States (15,930 m2)

Surprisingly, when it comes to space, the MGM Grand is the only venue in Vegas that made it to this list. This venue can be found right on the Las Vegas Strip, occupying a total space of 15,930 m2. Interestingly, the hotel rooms of this establishment make up for the 2nd largest hotel on earth by number of rooms. And in case you’re wondering, that’s 6,852 rooms we’re talking about. With +2,500 pokie machines, every Kiwi thinking of visiting this casino, will agree that there is endless gambling entertainment to bet found at MGM Grand Las Vegas.

7. MGM Macau (25,000 m2)

Macau is a special administrative region of China, the only place in the country where gambling is legally allowed. Like the other establishments that can be found in this top 10 list, MGM Macau also part of a fully-equipped complex including other establishments such as a hotel, whilst there is also space for dining venues and a convention centre. If you’re wondering how big this casino is: what about a casino of +25,000m2 that is spread over two different levels. It also wraps around the marvellous Grande Praça, a historical square in Macau, that can be found right outside of the hotel. MGM Macau was significantly expanded with an extra 4,400 m2 to the casino floor’s 2nd level. The additional space allowed 70 more game tables and 240 pokie machines to be added to the main floor.

6. Rio Casino Resort, South Africa (24,743 m2)

Located in the relatively unknown South African city of Klerksdorp, which can be found about a two hour drive from the country’s biggest city Johannesburg. The Rio Casino Resort boasts a total gambling area of 24,743 m2 in addition to the 70 hotel rooms which are found at the included Metcourt Hotel. This casino works with a special theme that takes its inspiration from the carnival parties as celebrated in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Rio Casino Resort also provides guests with a wide range of other entertainment options: visitors can sit and dine in the Brazil themed Copacabana Restaurant or the F.L.A.G. Cafe.

5. Sands Macao, Macau (21,300 m2)

Sands Macao was the first casino in the city of Macau that was built in Las Vegas style. It has been going strong ever since they opened their doors for the very first time in 2004. Although Macau has been able to surpass the city of Las Vegas, a lot of the hotels in the Asian city were inspired by their American rivals. Sands Macao was expanded just a few years after its opening which has led to total space of 21,300 m2. On 12 February 2007, Macau’s gaming revenue topped that of the Las Vegas Strip, emphasising Macau’s dominant role. The Sands Macao was one of the main reasons for Macau’s overall growth.

4. Ponte 16 Resort, Macau (25,000 m2)

We’re still in Macau as we head to Ponte 16. This is a casino hotel resort that is divided into a 5 star hotel, a casino floor, and Asia’s first Michael Jackson Gallery. There is plenty to be found inside the establishment, but the location is pretty impressive as well. Ponte 16 is found in Macau’s historical centre which is widely known across Asia for its beautiful views. Once you make it to the 25,000 square metres of gambling space, you can find 109 gaming tables as well as 307 pokie machines. There are also 2 VIP halls for those that enjoy a VIP experience. Ponte 16 Resort’s striking design took its inspiration from Macau’s unique cultural heritage. This also explains why the architecture of this brick and mortar casino combines Portuguese colonial style with the best of traditional Chinese elements.

3. Foxwoods Resorts Casino, Connecticut, US (32,000 m2)

New Zealand gambling enthusiasts will need to go to the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Reservation where this world famous casino is located. If you’re wondering what a big casino in an Indian reservation means then let us tell you that the resort offers space to 6 (!) casinos, 4 hotels, and a wide range of restaurants. Foxwoods Resorts Casino features 2 hotel towers for those who want to drop right into a comfy bed after their night out. For those coming with children, there is also a special arcade for underage visitors. The original tower, the Grand Pequot Tower, was founded in 1997, whilst the 2nd tower was opened in 2008 and got the name MGM Grand.

2. City of Dreams, Macau (39,000 m2)

As you’ve probably noticed whilst scrolling through this list, Macau is one of the best places on earth for gambling. This casino once again reinforces Macau’s image of status in the world of gambling which seems to be of importance to architects in cities such as Dubai, Las Vegas, and thus Macau. Stretching 39,000 square-metres, this casino offers guests from all parts of the world the chance to make a real money win. They can do this by siting at +450 gaming tables or playing at one of the 1,514 pokie machines. As part of a complex, visitors can dive right into their bed after their casino visit if they reserve a room at one of the hotels that can be found inside the establishment.

1. The Venetian Macao (51,000 m2)

The Venetian Macao found its inspiration in The Venetian Las Vegas which won’t surprise the most seasoned Kiwi gambling fans. Although it has not yet reached The Venetian Las Vegas’ fame in the western world, it is definitely one of the most famous venues in the eastern part of the globe. This land-based casino boasts more than 3400 pokie machines and a total of 800 tables, which should be enough to find all the games one is looking for. At the time of writing, The Venetian Macao is the biggest of them all.


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