How to get free spins for online pokies

How to get free spins for online pokies

Free spins for online pokies are known to be some of the best promos around, giving you the chance to play pokies without risking your own hard earned money. If you’re lucky you can still win real money whilst you try out the latest pokie games and feel the thrills of the game. As you’ll understand, free spins for online pokies are highly popular among players and this is particularly true for the gambling market in NZ that has been opening up to casinos and all the promos offered by them.

In today’s guide we’ll be more than happy to share our enthusiasm about free spins for online pokies. We’ll also inform you about how to claim your own free spins bonuses and which characteristics to pay some extra attention to once you’ve decided you want to go ahead and redeem your own free spins. a

Why do online casinos offer free spins in the first place?

Why would a casino hand out free spins while the only free stuff you’ll get in a land based casino are fatty snacks and cheap beer? The answer is simple as it’s the casino’s way of attracting new users in an overcrowded market place where players have the flexibility to pretty much go with any casino they like. The internet doesn’t have any boundaries and this especially applies to New Zealanders who are able to register at any offshore casino. Having so many options casinos will need to play their best cards and give you at least some incentives to pick their site over the thousands of other websites available. To draw in new online pokie players, many casinos give a combination of match up promos in the form of deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, bonus money, cashbacks, or free spins.

How to Claim Free Spins Bonuses

The best online free spins are easily claimable and don’t come with a lot of drawbacks. Casinos are clearly not keen on handing out free spins that can make them lose a lot of money, but they shouldn’t make it too difficult for players either. As we’re on your side and not on that of casinos, we’ll share some tips to claim your own free spins bonus.

1.Select your favourite bonus

You’ve decided to play online slots for real money and create an online casino account. All left to do is to select the bonus, after having checked the terms and conditions. The advantage of doing this on our site is that these terms have already been double checked by our pros which should save you some time and effort. As there might be some more bonuses on offer we advise you to check out the other deals as well, as you don’t want to be left empty handed and not be able to enjoy anything else after claiming your spins.

2.Sign up at the casino

The free spins bonus is your main incentive to join a casino, but it shouldn’t be the only reason. Creating an account should be done only if you feel happy with the rest you see on the website. Signing up should be as easy as claiming the deal which usually means you are required to fill in a sign up form and confirm your account. Make sure to set the limits in your account before you make your first deposit and you’re good to go.

3.Claim the offer

Most free spins require a deposit so the next step would be to claim the bonus while doing so. A lot of casino websites ask their players to use a bonus code and then pick one of the payment methods including traditional banking methods, but also e-wallets and crypto currencies. The free spins codes KiwiGambler lists are always up-to-date and some of the deals are exclusively meant for our readers, so make sure you get all the best online casinos have to offer to users in NZ. Please note that not all free spins bonuses actually require a bonus.

Types of Free Spins Bonuses

Free spin bonuses pretty much have the same objective: to give you some extra help and make you win real money when playing pokie games. However, not all free spins bonuses are the same as not all casinos are keen on giving you bonuses that are this appealing.

Deposit bonus free spins

Deposit bonus free spins are the most common type of casino bonus in addition to deposit bonus money. The best free spins casinos will give players a generous amount of free spins for a fair deposit and give you plenty of time and little wagering requirements. At KiwiGambler we try to stick to casinos that work with feasible wagering requirements, fair withdrawal limits, and fast withdrawals.

No deposit bonus free spins

Free spins no deposit for pokies are one of the most popular ways to make a player feel familiar with a casino as it gives them the opportunity to check out a casino, especially the lobby with pokies. It can also potentially make them win real money that can be used to pump up their bankroll. If you’re either experienced, lucky or both, you can use the non deposit bonus to your advantage, without forgetting about the terms and conditions attached to them. No deposit free spins come with very strict terms so make sure to check them out. Please note: at some point you might need to make a deposit to claim your wins.

Deposit bonus + free spins

A lot of online casinos offer a sort of standard casino welcome package which includes a certain percentage of a deposit bonus and free spins in order to complete the welcome package. These types of bonuses may come with separate wagering requirements so always ensure that you know which wagering requirements and other terms refers to which part of the bonus. Some casinos take them as part of the same bonus, while others practically consider them to be two separate promos. This can even occur in case of multiple deposit bonus percentages that have their own minimum deposit, maximum bet, and wagering requirements. Welcome packages therefore will require some extra attention when it comes to figuring out all the tweaks of the bonus terms.

Free spins for loyalty

Ideally, bonuses shouldn’t end after you have received your welcome package. Most online casinos offer a nice range of casino deals for existing users. The exact setup can change a lot from operator to operator, program to program and even level to level. Some websites like to offer tailor made loyalty offers which may include free spins. When it comes to loyalty programs, free spins do tend to be the most used reward for players.


Can I win real money with free spins for online pokies?

Free spins might be fully or partially free, but they can lead to real money wins. Even the free spins that are awarded without the need to make a deposit can lead to large cash prizes. The free spins given to you won’t change the chances of winning as they are fully random and still give you the option to scoop the jackpot. Just don’t forget to fill in the bonus code, if required that is, as forgetting this step might invalidate your claimed bonus.

Are free spins for pokies really free?

Not always, as some free spins are added on top of a welcome package which means you’ll need to make a deposit to get the bonus money and the free spins that are combined with the bonus. As you will need to meet wagering requirements and make a deposit to claim your winnings, free spins aren’t always considered fully free. Some casinos have therefore started naming their free spins “bonus spins” or “extra spins”.

Are free spins also available on mobile?

Yes. Free spins are for everyone, those playing on a smartphone and those that are connected to their favourite casino via a desktop or laptop computer.

Do I need a bonus code to claim free spins for online pokies?

Quite often you’ll be required to enter a free spins bonus code in order for you to go ahead and eventually claim your free spins. Other casinos won’t and there really is no difference, apart from the fact that not entering the code when it’s required will make the bonus invalid. If required, it should be clearly pointed out by the operator.

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