What are The Most Efficient Casino Bonuses?

When it comes to signing up at a casino, players are in control and if you don’t believe us then make sure to check out all the casino bonuses that are screaming for your attention.

It’s up to you to make a pick and choose a casino that best suits your needs and it’s up to you to decide which criteria you find important. Maybe you value the casino’s overall look and feel, whilst the game portfolio may be yet another important factor. But our guess is that a lot of players first look out for the bonuses before they check out the rest of the site.

This is why it’s extremely important to make the right decision when you sign up as most casino bonuses require a deposit first before they can be claimed. Efficient casino bonuses are therefore a lot more than merely a number of free spins you receive or a big amount of bonus money waiting for you. In fact, efficient casino bonuses are mostly recognized by the terms that come with them which is where it gets blurry. Everyone who has gone through a page of terms and conditions knows how tricky this can get.

In this guide, we will transparently discuss the most important terms and conditions that can be used to assess the efficiency of a casino bonus. By going through this guide you will have a clear picture of what to pay some extra attention to when you claim your next bonus. We have already preselected the best online casino bonuses for you if you want to quickly move ahead and claim your welcome package. For all the others, read on below.

The Ones That Have Fair Wagering Requirements

Efficient casino bonuses basically mean efficient terms and conditions and the term that needs some extra emphasis is the wagering requirements, also known as the playthrough requirements or roll-over requirements. These are shown as a number and refer to the number of times a player will need to bet the bonus money before a potential win becomes available for a withdrawal request. The wagering requirement is a condition applied to a promo that affects when a player is able to spend the winnings generated by that bonus.

For example:

An NZD$ 100 welcome deal has a wagering requirement of thirty times (30x). Therefore, Wagering Requirement = NZD$ 100 x 30 = NZD $ 3000.

Please note that deposit bonuses work with a minimum and maximum amount which means that the above example can still have the same wagering requirement of 30x, but turns out to be a whole lot less overwhelming if the player decided to deposit only NZD$ 10 (10 x 30) = NZD $ 300. Consequently, the more you bet, the more you can win.

An easy rule of thumb is that the lower the number of the wagering requirement, the more feasible the bonus becomes. Wagering requirements can also be applied separately to free spins and can even differ if a welcome package is divided into different deposit bonuses such as a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd deposit bonus. Rollover requirements are installed to avoid players making a deposit, making a bet with their bonus money, and cashing out straight away in case of a major win. Wagering requirements are a way for casinos to protect themselves from huge losses that are made with bonus money and free spins.

The Ones That Don’t Exclude A Lot of Pokies

The fewer terms and conditions, the fewer restrictions, which is clearly something positive if you ask us. Most casinos have a list of selected games which also means that all other games are excluded. As you don’t want to accidentally play on a non-excluded game you would always need to check on the included and excluded online pokies NZ before you make your first real money wager. Not doing so can disqualify you from being able to claim your winnings which is why this is a very important term to verify. Luckily, most casino operators have a clear list of included and excluded games and some websites don’t even exclude titles. The opposite is true as well, some bonuses are only meant for one or a small selection of games with Mega Moolah casinos being a very particular category.

The Ones That Don’t Exclude Other Gaming Categories

Bonus money and free spins are often meant for true games of chance where only randomness plays a role. Let’s compare this to games like blackjack or poker where skills make a huge difference in the actual probability of winning. Pokies, however, are known for their randomness which is why casinos highly prefer their players to play these games with their bonus money. One way to make players stick to pokies is by excluding other game categories like live dealer games, table games, and specialty games from the casino bonus. Alternatively, they can also lower the wagering contributions of certain gaming categories. Included pokies are often known for their 100% wagering contribution whilst other categories can go as low as 0%. Other common percentages are 20%, 10% of 5%. In this case, the higher the wagering contribution, the better.

The Ones That Are Available in NZD

It is often wrongly assumed that casino websites that can be visited in New Zealand are also NZ-oriented. This is not true, even if you’re able to join the casino as a New Zealander. Whether Kiwis form a significant target group for the operator is often recognized by a separate page or website for New Zealanders. In case the casino is fully NZ-minded it will also let its visitors deposit and withdraw money in New Zealand Dollars. Also, NZD casinos show their bonuses in the local tender whilst we’ve seen a growth in the number of websites that let their users play with deposits as low as 5 NZD. In contrast, internationally oriented casinos let their players deposit their funds in other currencies like EUR, USD, and GBP. As most New Zealanders won’t have to worry about exchange rates, they are recommended to stick to casinos that let them play in their own currency.

The Ones That Are Part Of An Extensive Promotions Page

A good welcome bonus is a very effective way for a casino to say hi to its new users, but there needs to be more than just a welcome offer to make them stick around. A nicely designed website helps, obviously, while a vast portfolio will also be crucial to make the visitor come back. Additionally, we believe that existing users should be pleased as much as newcomers as they’re the ones that keep on bringing money to the bank. One way of showing appreciation is by offering this group of players separate bonuses or even including a loyalty program to make them feel extra special. The most efficient casino bonus is therefore a bonus that makes new visitors sign up and eventually come back for a long-term relationship. Therefore, we suggest you check out the promo page to see which other bonuses are on offer. This way you know exactly whether or not the site values its users.


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