Guide: 5 Essential NBA Stats For Sports Betting in 2023

Both sports betting sites and punters in New Zealand are spoiled with all the action going on in yet another thrilling season in the NBA. The Boston Celtics and the Denver Nuggets are the current frontrunners in their respective regions in the US, but there are still heaps of games coming up before the finals are reached.

The good thing about this is that it gives major opportunities for punters to use their knowledge to their advantage. But they still might need a bit of extra help to get the most out of it. Here at KiwiGambler we’ve made sure to crunch different essential NBA states giving our followers some very useful information. Are you ready for some slam dunks and three pointers? Here’s how to get going with your bets in the NBA 2022/23 season.

5. Away Win Percentage

Like in other sports, away wins have increased in recent years, giving less probability for home teams to win. In some major football tournaments the home advantage was taken away as statistics showed how the percentage of home wins dropped significantly in the last decade. The same pattern is visible in basketball. Just to give you an example; in 1991 only 34,21% of away teams managed to go home with a win. In 2022/2023 they even make it to a number of 45,20%. Players in the NBA are so used nowadays to being out and about that it doesn’t affect them as much as it did back in the days. With stricter rules guaranteeing safer grounds, visiting teams feel less intimidated. 

4. Home Win Percentage

This percentage is closely related to the previous point as home winners are less probable than ever before. The percentage of home winners have dropped significantly which makes this an important stat to bear in mind when betting on basketball. While away wins have gone up, home wins have gone down. Back in the 90’s this percentage was still a comfortable 61.49%, representing a 2-in-3 chance of winning. That percentage has now dropped to a whopping low 54,65%. This trend started during the pandemic and it hasn’t managed to recover ever since. Based on data of the last three years, NBA home teams win 54,60% of the games. This makes it a lot harder for bettors to back host teams as easily as before.

3. Points Per Away Team

Towards the end of the 90’s, in the 1998/99 season to be precise, away teams in the NBA scored an average amount of 89.56 points per game played. We have to point out that this is a lot higher than points in other basketball leagues such as the EuroLeague, but it’s definitely not as impressive as in the last few decades. Today, the number of away points gets up to around 109 which is high.The gap between home and away points totals has thus become a lot more narrow, giving sports bettors some very interesting data to be aware of. To illustrate our point here: in 1991-1992, home teams scored 4,2% more points than away teams. Two decades later this percentage has dropped to 1,7% in the 2021-2022 season. 

2. Points Per Home Team

Favouring the home team is nonetheless still very common, unless the strength between the home team and visiting team are very significant. Although the points per home team have dropped, they started to go up again in the last three decades. This number has failed to go up past the 100-point mark until the year 2013. In the last 4 seasons we’ve seen an average 111.27 points per home NBA team. This is some important piece of information as it shows that players are now likely to make their bets on the home team edging +110.5 points. This is especially true if it concerns the favourites.

1. Average Points Per NBA Game

Over the last 6 years, there has been an average of 218.92 points scored per NBA game. The average points per NBA game even got to 200.70 points per match in 2012-2015 and it’s not impossible to get to such heights again. The most important contributor is the rapid rise in three pointers. Let’s not forget that sports teams have become more professional than ever before and that athletes are even better trained and tracked than in the decades before. This creates more options for players to perform strongly as they have gotten to higher fitness levels.

Betting on NBA in NZ

The National Basketball Association of the United States has maintained high sporting and fairness standards in the sport for decades, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy it and allowing bettors to wager on it at their convenience. Thanks to tv and online broadcasts, the games are now available to enthusiasts all over the world, NBA betting opportunities have seen a sharp rise as well. This also holds for New Zealand where betting on the NBA continues to be one of the most popular categories. Betting on the NBA is allowed in NZ at locally offered TAB NZ or at offshore based online casinos and sportsbooks. Players in New Zealand need to be 18 years of age if they want to be able to gamble online on NBA games.


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