7 Helpful Tips for Winning at Online Pokies

7 Helpful Tips for Winning at Online Pokies

Below are seven basic tips on how to improve your pokie experience.

Whilst pokies are truly a game of chance, there are ways to get the most out of your pokies. This guide will detail each of the above methods and explain how they help.

Find the RTP of the pokie

Find the RTP of the pokie

The winning chances can be evaluated via the game’s RTP. For online pokies, a good RTP will be set above 95% with 96% seen as the industry average. Online pokies have high RTP in comparison with their offline counterparts so you won’t see too many below 95%, with some jackpot pokies and games with Megaways-mechanisms being some exceptions. 

In general, the higher the payout percentage, the better you will do in the long run. Picking a pokie with high RTP is the first step towards improving your experience. Be aware that high RTP pokies are sometimes either excluded from casino bonuses or come with stricter wagering requirements.

What is RTP?


RTP stands for Return to Player, the theoretical payout percentage of each game. This percentage gives the player an idea of how much money they will get in return for every dollar spent on a game. A percentage of 96.04% means that out of every $100 spent, the player will win back $96.04 — on average. 

Important to note is that the RTP refers to the long term results with short term variants always possible, which underline what makes gambling so exciting.

Look Up The Bonus Requirements


Most pokies are valid for bonuses which brings us to this point. Before you start to play, see if you can find out what the bonus terms are for each promo and which games are included or excluded. If there are no special requirements other than playing you won’t be able to influence your chances. The good thing about casino bonuses is that most of them are based on pokies rather than on other categories.

Go Through The Rules of The Game


As with any game you’ll need to learn the rules of the game. With land-based games there is always someone to explain it, but with online games you’ll need to head to the game information in order to find out how the game works. The info button can be recognised by either the word “info”, the letter “i”, or a question mark “?”. 

Demo games are a way to get familiar with the rules of a game without having to make real money wagers. We recommend you to make use of free demo sessions in addition to getting the most out of every spin with a bonus.

Stick To a Predefined Budget


Whilst it isn’t as much fun to make and follow a budget, it is the best way to play responsibly. You should have hard cutoff amounts so that you don’t lose more than you can afford. This is why it helps to use the casino’s limits that can be found in your accounting settings giving you the opportunity to limit your losses, sessions, and deposits. It will also help you track your wins and losses which should be part of everyone’s bankroll management, especially if you’re a frequent player. In any way, make sure to always stick to a predefined budget.

Take Advantage of Bonuses


There are almost always available bonuses outside of the ones you can earn in the game. The bonuses can vary greatly and will differ from casino to casino. Some examples include deposit matching, free spins, and welcoming bonuses.

Research which ones are available at your casino. Watch out as some bonuses will not be applicable to certain pokies or have certain wagering requirements before you can withdraw. Once you know what options you have, these bonuses can help you win big.

Sign Up For Pokie Clubs

Pokies Clubs

It’s all about the bonuses. There are plenty of clubs designed for pokies fans that will offer additional bonuses. Find out if your casino has one. If not, look for a good casino that does.

Between in-game bonuses, casino bonuses, and club bonuses you will have plenty of opportunities. If your preferred online casino does not have such a club, do not worry as not all operators work with loyalty programmes. We tend to promote casino sites that offer benefits to their existing users.  

Go For The Jackpots


Some pokie games come with jackpots called either jackpot slots or jackpot pokies in your country. This usually means that the smaller jackpots will be more frequent than the bigger jackpots. The trade-off is that they give you less. Aiming for larger jackpots is another option and will payout more, but your odds are much lower.

Progressive jackpots are also usually very attractive, but due to their nature, they are even harder to get.

When choosing the jackpot size you’re aiming for, keep your budget in mind. Since the smaller jackpots pay out more they are often more wallet-friendly. Aiming for large jackpots might lead you to hit the budget cutoff before you hit the jackpot.

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