How The Online Casino Industry is Regulated in New Zealand

How The Online Casino Industry is Regulated in New Zealand

If you are looking to gamble online in New Zealand, there is no shortage of options available to you both domestically and internationally. While you can gamble on casino sites from other countries, New Zealand has worked hard to enforce regulations to keep domestic gambling safe and fun for everyone. 

Gambling in online casinos has always been popular in New Zealand, but the pastime has experienced a renaissance since the COVID-19 pandemic started in early 2020. Keep reading to learn more about how the online casino industry is regulated in New Zealand and what that means for you.

What is online gambling in New Zealand?

Online gambling in New Zealand looks similar to online gambling in most of the rest of the world. There are plenty of available casino websites where you can easily access gambling games with just a few keystrokes.

Online casinos became very popular thanks to the recent pandemic lockdowns because New Zealand residents were desperate to find ways to occupy their time and keep up morale during challenging times.

Domestic online gambling

All online gambling in New Zealand is run through two organizations, Lotto NZ and TAB New Zealand. Although there is always the option to gamble on offshore sites, these are the only options for gambling based in New Zealand.

The online gambling industry in New Zealand is highly regulated. It is illegal for any other domestic online gambling to be offered outside of Lotto NZ and TAB. These organizations are committed to making gambling a safe and fun hobby for all New Zealanders

Lotto NZ

Lotto NZ is one of the two ways you can gamble online in New Zealand. You can play casino-style and lottery games online or purchase lottery tickets in local stores that remain open as well.

One of the ways that Lotto NZ is committed to helping to ensure that residents gamble responsibly is through spending limits. All New Zealand residents are subject to a lottery spending limit of $150 per week or $500 per month and $50 on online games.

Lotto NZ takes gambling seriously and wants to make sure that the wellbeing of New Zealand residents is the main priority. They work closely with the Ministry of Health and the Department of Internal Affairs to monitor statistics behind gambling and adjust limits and regulations accordingly.

If you win a Lotto NZ prize, you must follow specific instructions to claim your prize within 12 months. For winnings under $1,000, you can claim your prize at most local lottery locations. If you win over $1,000, you must complete a prize claim form and follow government regulations for redemption.

TAB New Zealand

TAB New Zealand is a new organization that was established in 2020 as part of the Racing Industry Act. TAB manages and regulates all domestic sports and racing betting in New Zealand.

You can bet on sporting events and races through TAB. Betting is available online, in person at the events, and through authorized retailers. All proceeds from gambling through the TAB are funnelled back into the New Zealand sporting industry to directly support the sports and racing industries.

As an added safety measure, the TAB also requires clear identification and a claims process for prizes in excess of $1,000. This is to help prevent any foul play like money laundering.

To help New Zealanders keep their gambling in check, the TAB provides options for you to set spending and time limits on your gambling accounts either online or in person. They also offer a Self Exclusion Programme that will block you from gambling online or entering a TAB physical location.

International online gambling

A large portion of online gambling in New Zealand is also done through offshore websites from other countries around the world. New online casinos pop up daily offering the opportunity to do some gambling from the comfort of your computer or phone.

It’s important to note that the international online casinos are not regulated by the New Zealand government like the Lotto NZ and TAB online games. Even if the online casino site says “NZ” or “New Zealand” in the URL, it is not authorized by the government.

The attraction to gamble on overseas casino sites is understandable because there are so many more options. There are thousands of international casino sites that all have something unique to offer whether it’s better odds, faster payouts, or unique games.

Protecting yourself while gambling online

It’s important to know that you are not protected by the New Zealand government when you gamble on overseas gaming or betting sites. There are no laws in place or governing bodies in New Zealand to regulate international online casino gaming.

Take these important steps to protect yourself and your information when gambling on international casino websites.

1. Keep your information safe

Make sure the casino website looks legitimate and safe before entering in your personal information including your name, address, contact information, and credit card details.

Check that the website is a secured site before proceeding. If something about the website or app looks off, it probably is.

2. Use caution with free trials

Many casino sites will try to draw you in with free spins or free one-day trials. Although it can be tempting to give it a try with no risk, these offers are designed to get you excited about the game so that you move on to paid gaming once the trial is over.

3. Be careful when topping up your account

These websites make it very easy to top up your casino account once you have entered your credit card information. It is easy to blow past your limits if you are not careful. Remember that you are gambling with your real money every time you click that button.

4. Set realistic limits

Gambling is a fun pastime for many, and there are ways to enjoy it responsibly.

The easiest way to enjoy online casino gambling safely is to set limits for yourself and stick to them. Whether it’s a time limit or a spending limit, decide on something that feels right for you.

5. Research to find the best online casinos

With the sheer amount of online casinos popping up on the market, it’s hard to keep track of all of them. To find one that you like, use websites like Kiwi Gambler to compare the top online casino sites.

Kiwi Gambler is a great way to help you weed through all of the online casinos out there and choose the best one for you. They regularly report on the top casino sites with reviews from real gamblers like you and provide updated information on payouts, odds, available games, and more.


Online casino gaming is one of the most popular hobbies of New Zealanders. The pandemic lockdowns have contributed to the rise of this industry as many people are looking for new hobbies to pass the time and feel more social.

There are options to gamble online through the native New Zealand organizations Lotto NZ and TAB. These are the safest ways to gamble in New Zealand because they are highly regulated by the government.

If you’d prefer to play international casino games online, there are new sites being added daily. While these sites are not regulated by the New Zealand government, there are ways to play safely if you are careful and gamble responsibly.



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