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We are a team of experts that want to pass further the passion of online gambling to its kiwi players. Founded back in 2019, KiwiGambler is ready to present & give to its visitors better opportunities for gambling online on all of New Zealand accepted casinos. So, be sure that we are going to offer you great tips and a warm welcome into our universe.

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  • The way we play and behave at land-based casinos has drastically changed over the years. Mega casinos around the world as we know them today were hard to imagine in the past as casinos were traditionally meant for the very few, often falling into a grey area somewhere between being legal and illi

  • You walk your way into the SkyCity Auckland branch or the Christchurch Casino brimming with confidence, with your wallet filled with just about enough money to keep you entertained for a bit. Tonight you really want to stick to responsible play and two Bacardi Colas at a max. Hours later, you hav

  • Pool and gambling have a very long history together. Gambling in pool or billiards is rather easy and is offered by a growing number of online casinos and sportsbooks. People like to create gambling games out of anything and the game of pool is no different. Just like you can bet on sports events

  • New casinos keep fascinating us as we’re always interested in seeing how good an online casino holds up against the competition. This is why we’re fond of testing out new online casinos. Finding proper new online casinos is one of our main tasks, but we have to admit that it’s quite a c

  • When it comes to signing up at a casino, players are in control and if you don’t believe us then make sure to check out all the casino bonuses that are screaming for your attention. It’s up to you to make a pick and choose a casino that best suits your needs and it’s up to you to decide whi

  • Given that New Zealanders are moving increasingly towards a cashless system, more online banking solutions are expected to emerge in the coming years. Today, payments are made instantly, a development that has favoured both consumers and businesses. If there are some new companies that want to ha

  • If you’ve kept up with our other online casino guides, you will know that NZ$5 casinos are slowly gaining prominence in New Zealand’s industry. Although some operators still require hefty deposits, the number of casino websites that allow players with smaller budgets to sign up is growing. So

  • The development of modern technologies and access to high-speed internet connections have contributed significantly to the growth of entertainment options. What once was known as challenging, difficult or even impossible is now just a few clicks away if you’ve got a high-end smartphone in your

  • Mobile websites, apps, and other mobile-oriented platforms have made their way to take over the casino industry and since their introduction, they’ve really stopped growing ever since. Most online casinos are fully available on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, giving players some

  • The online gambling industry is one of the sectors that has benefited most from technology. Thanks to significant technological changes in recent years like new devices, platforms and software, digital casinos were brought into our homes and they’ve never left ever since. Online casinos, as the