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We are a team of experts that want to pass further the passion of online gambling to its kiwi players. Founded back in 2019, KiwiGambler is ready to present & give to its visitors better opportunities for gambling online on all of New Zealand accepted casinos. So, be sure that we are going to offer you great tips and a warm welcome into our universe.

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  • Chess is a globally played two-player strategy game that is played on a board. The game is widely thought to be invented in Europe although similar games were already available in India, explaining why some historians point out Asia as the birthplace of the game. Today, chess is going through a r

  • Solitaire (United States/Canada), or Patience (other English-speaking countries), is a popular category of card games that shares the common goal of arranging the playing cards in a systematic order or, alternatively, pairing them off in order to discard them. As the game surged online it has fou

  • When it comes to apps there are few industries as suitable as the online gaming industry with a special place for online betting. Online gaming has taken their mobile visitors very seriously in recent years which is why they have introduced mobile apps to attend to the needs of this growing marke

  • Despite online pokies being today’s most sought-after casino games, old-school card games are still up there in most online operator’s top lists. Poker, however, is one heck of a special casino game with especially the Texas Hold’em variant sticking out of the rest of the card game at any

  • Traditional card games rank amongst the most popular games in both online casinos and land-based casino settings and this is definitely the case as well for blackjack. With small differences between different casinos and variants, blackjack is fairly easy to understand. In our country, blackjack

  • For many New Zealanders, card games still provide the ultimate relaxation and enjoyment. Thanks to the convenience of smartphones, you can now kill time during your morning commute or unwind after a long day by indulging in card games right on your phone – a fantastic way to keep boredom at bay

  • Every casino is driven by the pursuit of profits. In every game, be it table games or pokies, the casino enjoys a built-in advantage known as the house edge. This advantage, typically a few percentage points and varying between games, ensures the casino’s long-term financial gain and thus stabi

  • New Zealanders have quickly moved towards cashless payments, which has seen more and more online banking solutions arise. Today, payments are processed in all sorts of ways, which really favours both those that make the payment and those who get paid.  This shift explains why there is also room

  • The online casino industry continues its impressive growth, expanding at a rapid pace as new brands emerge. This trend is a testament to the immense popularity of online gambling, with an ever-increasing number of options available to players in New Zealand. Consequently, selecting the best onlin

  • In this guide, we will explore an abbreviation that often goes unnoticed by many casino players. What exactly does ‘RTP’ mean, and why should it matter to you? If you enjoy the thrill of casino games, such as pokies or other online casino games, it is crucial to comprehend the meaning