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We are a team of experts that want to pass further the passion of online gambling to its kiwi players. Founded back in 2019, KiwiGambler is ready to present & give to its visitors better opportunities for gambling online on all of New Zealand accepted casinos. So, be sure that we are going to offer you great tips and a warm welcome into our universe.

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  • Online pokies are among the most popular casino games and they’re definitely among our own favourites too (although we highly enjoy live dealer casinos as well). Whether you’re into pokies at a brick and mortar venue or load up from online casinos, the thrills are amazing, but they usually co

  • Live casinos are getting bigger and better by the day and one of the main reasons for our passion for live dealer games is that there are new live lobbies opening up every day for New Zealand players. If we would need to recommend one gaming category at KiwiGambler it would undoubtedly be the liv

  • Games of chance are believed to be random, but the truth is that nothing is really left to chance when it comes to gambling. In the end, the house always comes out on top as the winner. A new online casino is a business just like its offline counterpart and like any other company, it works with a

  • Although online casinos are considered to be completely different versions of casinos, they are still casinos and they have the same objective: offer a platform where players can make their wagers, after which a casino will eventually win, at least in the long term. A casino, whether it’s onlin

  • Every now and then everyone of us makes a wager. Some buy a scratch card, others buy lottery tickets and most people will have made wagers on the Rugby Six Nations or on the World Cup Football. In itself there is nothing wrong with these forms of gambling, a little extra thrills during a massive

  • We’ve all shuffled a deck of cards and most of us will have played a card game or two in their life. Card games are amongst the most popular games of chance which is easy to explain as they’re both simple and social, meaning that a lot of fun is guaranteed. And the good thing about them is th

  • If it’s your ambition to make profits any time soon by playing poker, you will need to know the ins and outs of the game down to the very last detail. You can of course learn the ins and outs by practising games in the field and trying to learn it the hard way, but there are also several books&

  • If you’re on the right side of luck, you can turn out to earn big bucks with gambling. The industry’s potential becomes even more clear when we take a look at the list of the richest gambling bosses in the world with owners worth billions of New Zealand dollars. Whether it’s a c

  • The global gambling industry has been growing at an impressive rate over the last few years and there’s really nothing that can stop the industry from growing (no, not even Covid). As a result, gambling stocks have turned out to be a highly popular investment theme when it comes to the stock ma

  • Online casinos are one of the most lucrative segments of the entertainment industry. According to Juniper Research, online betting will be worth a trillion dollars by 2022 which shows the potential of one the world’s most growing online industries. A part of the money will clearly go to the cas