The business model behind KiwiGambler explained

the business model behind kiwigambler

Online casinos are one of the most lucrative segments of the entertainment industry. According to Juniper Research, online betting will be worth a trillion dollars by 2022 which shows the potential of one the world’s most growing online industries. A part of the money will clearly go to the casino’s winnings, but a large portion of the trillion US dollars will also go to casino affiliates. As unlimited as the internet itself, casino affiliate programs are available around the world and this holds for the thriving market in New Zealand as well.

Efficient advertising for trustworthy and licenced online casinos is a highly profitable way to do business, which, with a competent approach, can lead to enormous revenues. One of the most sought after casino affiliates in New Zealand is which pretty much does what its name suggests: promotion of casino websites to kiwi gamblers. By being one of the most experienced websites in the industry that only promotes safe and secure online operators, KiwiGambler has managed to become a leading website in NZ.

The Online Casino Business Model

Webmasters (affiliates) who participate in affiliate programs receive around 40 to 60% of the source profit, depending on the terms of the affiliate program they are connected to. In some cases, customer registrations that were sent to a casino via an affiliate will lead to a one time bonus after which a percentage of future spendings by that customer can also be allocated to the originating affiliate which explains the popularity and lucrativity of KiwiGambler’s business model. Essential for long term stability is the sole inclusion of websites that are considered fully trustworthy as casino affiliates have their own reputation to hold up as well. This explains why the most experienced affiliates tend to outperform newer affiliate sites that are willing to feature virtually any website that allows them to.

Premium Casinos Only

In addition to new users signing up, online casino sites also make profits from existing (and thus hopefully active) players as well. It is in the interest of any online casino to attract as many new players as possible and give them enough reason to stick to them. One of KiwiGambler’s main responsibilities is therefore to suggest casinos that are top notch so that players will stay loyal to them and remain on board. This is why all websites are thoroughly tested by KiwiGambler’s team of casino professionals before they are included in a list of recommended casinos. The basic idea seems very simple, but it’s often quite a challenge to find casino partners that manage to deliver a premium service and keep up with it. Luckily, the experienced casino experts of KiwiGambler know how to recognise a good casino. In the end, they’ve got their own reputation to live up to as well.

What It Takes To Survive in This Crowded Marketplace

Finding online casinos that meet the preferences of players based in New Zealand is a major responsibility as they are continuously looking for a way to combine responsible gaming, licenced websites, trustworthy operators, and fair affiliate deals. In order to get the most out of these criteria target audiences need to be sought out, attracted and continuously maintained. Furthermore, their own platform needs to be effectively promoted as well and filled with quality content. This is why websites like work with a large list of performance metrics with the main mission being to:

  • Understand the target audience: on the web, casino players are always looking for useful information to help them find a new online casino. If you’re into this business, you have to understand the needs of players, speak their language, and provide information that is actually relevant to them, not just based on a set of keywords.
  • Make use of online data: to be successful in online casino affiliate marketing, you’ll need to analyse each click, each visitor, and each affiliate deal. It is the small details that can make a major difference when it comes to online numbers.
  • Adapt to ever changing markets: KiwiGambler’s target market, New Zealand is one of the world’s most interesting markets as it only allows players to gamble on websites that are based offshore. While it is technically not illegal to bet online in New Zealand, operators are not allowed to offer their online services within NZ borders. This involves a lot of market analysing which is why businesses like will always need to adapt to ever changing markets.

By sticking to the above, KiwiGambler states that their main responsibility is to make sure that their visitors enjoy their content as much as they do. Only if the dedicated team of casino professionals enjoy the casinos, they’ll go ahead and recommend them to readers as they’re aware of the industry’s high standards. The same goes for everything that is gaming related as KiwiGambler is also one of NZ main sources for pokie reviews, gaming guides, live dealer casino reviews, and mobile casino reviews. While producing all these reviews KiwiGambler always makes sure to come up with casino suggestions that meet the needs the market in NZ is asking for and the gambling institutions in NZ allow them to do. All of the recommendations are fully transparent and they sincerely believe that players will agree on this as they consider themselves players above all.

About KiwiGambler

KiwiGambler is a website brought to you by an experienced team of casino experts that want to share their passion for online gambling with NZ based players. Opened in 2019, KiwiGambler is here to give players better options to make their wager online. They do this for casinos that accept users in NZ and are highly popular among players that reside in New Zealand. As the KiwiGambler team of casino professionals fully understands the risks of online gambling they only suggest casino websites and operators that hold valid licences and meet standards that are considered acceptable in NZ. In addition to casino suggestions, people can also make use of their bonus offers, free spins offers and other rewards. All of the promos featured on the site are aimed at users in NZ and are fully valid for everyone interested in gambling. Please note that gambling is only meant for players that are 18 years or older and that responsible play should always be the first concern.

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